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Three Lost Children of Daylesford – Good news 

I’ve written many times about the The Three Lost Children of Daylesford. Also, anyone who knows me, has heard about this story many times. Probably too many times, truth be told.

This story has no connection at all with my family history but it has intrigued and saddened me. I first came across the Lost Children story when searching walking trails in Daylesford. There is a walk dedicated to the children, through the Wombat Forest, which follows approximately, the route they took when they disappeared.

I did do the walk, and knowing the story and the reason for the walk, it left me feeling even sadder. I just couldn’t imagine small children walking over this terrain, during a cold winter and possibly having to walk through snow.  I felt strongly that this story should be told so that it doesn’t disappear. Even in Daylesford, when I made enquiries, I found that little was known about the story.

Next year will be the 150th anniversary of the disappearance of the children, and I have been hoping that there would be some sort of commemoration of the event in Daylesford. But I did fear that there wasn’t enough interest to allow this. I had been hoping that my blog post and Facebook page  ( dedicated to the children, would come to the attention of someone who was in a position to do something about it.

Now to the good news. I was contacted recently by Megan Riedl  from   Tripwire Theatre Inc. who are creating a play, about the story of the Three Lost Children, that they have named “Hollow. The play will be performed at The Daylesford Town Hall on June 30, 2017.

I feel very proud and happy that my Facebook page came to the attention of Megan, who agreed with me, that the story must be told.



National Family History Month Update

Family History Month definitely has not turned out as I expected. I had planned to attend special events, both in Bendigo and Melbourne.

 I had also made a commitment to participate in the National Family History Month blog challenge. All went as planned for the first week of the month until everything  went awry in week two. I was out walking with the dogs, when I slipped over in the mud and broke bones in my right hand, wrist and arm, as well as injuring an already dodgy knee. 

These injuries are keeping me quiet and not able to work. You would think this would be a good opportunity to spend hours each day on genie affairs. Well, that was my first thought, but typing one fingered with my left hand is such a slow process.  So that counts out blogging. Except for this one time for a quick update.

Plenty of time for research perhaps? Well no that hasn’t worked either as in our new house, (move was just 5 weeks ago) my genie office is upstairs. Actually to be more precise, it is up a ladder in the loft where my knee is not able to take me at the moment. 

I will  honour my commitment to the family history blogging challenge, but family history month will be long over by then. Until then, I am enjoying reading contributions from fellow bloggers. 

Sepia Saturday: Love and Marriage


This is a repost of a blog entry made in 2012.  The reason I am reposting as I have decided to join genie friends who post in Pauleen Cass’s Sepia Saturday series. The theme for the August Sepia Saturday post is Love and Marriage. Immediately, I thought of my parent’s wedding day, for a couple of reasons. I love their wedding photo, at left. And, also, because the had a slightly unusual wedding day.  I found out only a few years ago, that my Dad played football in between the wedding service and the reception.


My parents THOMAS LLOYD JONES   and EUNICE JOY MORRISON recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  They were married at Wesley Church in Shepparton on 05 July 1952.

My father was a star footballer for one of the local football teams, Shepparton United, and of course, he had a match to play on his wedding day. The wedding was held in the middle of the day, with Dad’s team-mates as  part of the wedding party. After the wedding, the boys went off and played their match. Unfortunately they lost. I’m not sure if Mum watched that match. Writing this reminds me that I must ask her. Dad describes the wedding as one of the big social events in the town, with the traffic coming to a stop to allow the wedding car to pass through.

I have many photo clippings from the Shepparton News describing the wedding and the football match, and there were quite a few reports in both the social pages and the sports pages.

Two of them are transcribed below as the copies I have are not in good condition


“His Big Day Out: United defender TOMMY JONES had a big programme on Saturday when after his wedding that morning, he had a torrid afternoon against the Shepparton blitz


“Attending the JONES-MORRISON wedding on Saturday, Mrs. DeTracy was well turned out in a junior blue suit and accessoreies, her ingenious double brimmed beret having white polka dots and twisted junior blue cord. She wore white gardenias in her lapel. Mrs. Woodhouse wore a blue hat with her grey suit. Mrs. Pat O’Brien wore tan accessories with her bisuit suit. Mrs. Walter Byrne, of Williamstown, was in a junior blue suit, with brilliant contrasting colour of yellow in her blouse, and carnation on her lapel.  Mrs. Gwen Pick wore a handsome tan coat with tan accessories. Mrs. Walker’s forest green coat and tan accessories were worn with creme and yellow roses. Mrs. Sly chose a soft tailored fawn suit, tan accessories, and dress spray of pink carnations.




National Family History Blog Challenge – Week 1

Week 1 – Census

August is National Family History Month in Australia, and blogger, Alexander Daw of  Family Tree Frog suggested a blog challenge of posting weekly during August on a series of family history related subjects. Along with other genie bloggers, I was keen to accept the challenge.

As this week is census week in  Australia, the subject chosen for week 1 was the census.

Many years ago, when I was a newbie genie, I found myself very stuck with research in Wales,  and lost track of  my great great great grandparents JOHN TAYLOR and MARY DAVIES of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales.  At that stage in my early genie career, I had never searched the censuses, so didn’t think to look for them there.  In those days, information wasn’t online, so it wasn’t quite as easy, as we had to do a little more searching to find the records we were looking for.

A little later, I did that search and found MARY TAYLOR living at St. Martin parish, in Haverfordwest, WALES.  She was very easy to find, as she exactly where I expected her to be. At the time of the census, Mary was a widow, so there was my answer to where her husband was. This was the 1841 census, so I now knew he had passed away before the census date of June 6 1841.

The only other person in her household was DAVID LLOYD, age 40. This really had me interested. I didn’t know who David Lloyd was, but Mary’s daughter in law was Martha Lloyd. Could there be a connection?  Lloyd is a very very common name in Wales, so perhaps there is no connection. As yet I haven’t answered this question. But this is the next project for me to get my teeth into.  I suspect that David Lloyd was a boarder, probably known to Mary, due to being related to Martha.

Anyone involved in genealogy or family history would know that there is always another question to be answered or issue to be researched. That is exactly why the ‘to-do’ list keeps getting longer and longer.

But just an aside to this census. As you will see below, the entry is quite difficult to read. It is near the top of the right side of the page. Ancestry have David Lloyd transcribed as David ALOZA. It took me ages to work out that this was incorrect.

DAVIES Mary Haverfordwest b1786





City United Football Team 1950

The above photo appeared in The Shepparton News on Friday, July 22, page 53. The photo appeared with a story about the last surviving player in the team, who is in his 98th year.

I am familiar with this photo, as it has hung on my parents wall for many years. The team is the City United Grand Final Team of 1950. My father was in this team. He is in the front centre.

City United was formed when SPC and Shepparton East football clubs amalgamated and were admitted to the Goulburn Valley Football League in 1950. In their debut year, in the major league, they made it to the Grand Final. Even though they were defeated by Kyabram, I am sure that the year would have been considered to be a success.

My father continued to play for more years than was usual. I have vague memories of him going to play football on a Saturday afternoon.

National Family History Month 

August in Australia, is National Family History Month , which is an initiative of The Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO)  There are a large number of events focussing on genealogy and family history, being held around Australia and online.

I’m really looking forward to participating. Below are just a few events that I have decided to attend. I need to organise the work schedule before committing to others and I am keen to try some online events.

August 8: Family History Feast held at the State Library of Victoria. The topic for this year is researching occupational records. This is a full day event which also includes the Don Grant Memorial Lecture.

August 11: Using Google Maps for Family History. This seminar is held at the Genealogical Society of Melbourne.

August 17: National Archives of Scotland, Ireland and Wales held at Genealogical Society of Victoria

There is also a bloggers challenge being held for National Family History Month. I’m looking forward to participating and keen to see what other bloggers write about.


It’s our Blogiversary

Blogiversary (1)

Another year has rolled around and here it is –  Our 5th Blogiversary! 

My first blog post was on July 5, 2011. When I posted that very first blog entry, I had no expectation at all, that the blog would still be motoring along, five years later. Also it didn’t occur to me that I would come to love blogging, and feel very proud of what the blog has become.

The 4th Blogiversary post from 2015, explains the reasons why the blog started so there is no need to go over that again. In recent days, as I have glanced over previous posts, it has occurred to me, that much has happened in my life, genealogically, in the past 5 years.

I have met up with many, many cousins who contacted me through the blog. This has given me more joy than I can ever say, but I do wish for more spare time, to be able to make face to face contact more often.This is on the list for my retirement years – when and if they arrive.

A huge highlight, was blogging about Rootstech2016, held in Salt Lake City USA, and attending that conference as a geneablogger. I wore my blogger beads very proudly and met numerous genies and fellow bloggers from around the world.


After taking a short time away from blogging, due to work pressures, the AFFHO Congress 2015 held in Canberra, revived my enthusiasm for genealogy and made me realise how much I had  missed both the research and community involvement during my hiatus of about a year.


The first Unlock The Past Cruise was another highlight, combining genealogy conferences aboard ship while cruising around New Zealand with daily stopovers in major cities. There have been many of these genealogy cruises since this first one, and I hope very much to be able to once again attend.

My favourite post? That is difficult, as there are a few. But below are a couple that I am proud of:

The story of family member  Ellenor Calnan and the Bangka Island Massacre

The short life and murder of Ellen Boyle  is a project that I have spent quite a bit of time over. There is still more research to be done and will be further reports  on this dreadful event in our family history.

Report of the Three Lost Children of Daylesford has had the most views. This event does not belong in my family history at all. When I came across it, I was captivated and have done quite a bit of research into the events surrounding this story.

In 2015 and 2016, I participated in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge posting on a subject every day in April, except Sunday. My subject in 2015 was the names in my family history and in 2016 I chose to blog about towns in Victoria.

Finishing up on a couple of stats. In the past five years there have been 241 posts which have been viewed 32,114 times by 11,488 visitors.

Huge thanks go to all of these visitors and readers, many who have become regular readers and friends. I feel quite gob smacked and a little embarassed that this tiny blog receives such great support.