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April A-Z Challenge T is for TAYLOR

TT is for ALLAN FERGUS TAYLOR, who was born on September 20 1892 at Bundalong, Victoria. His parents were James Lloyd Taylor and Emily Pearce.

Allen serviced in Gallipoli and rose to rank of Captain. Another researcher, Peter, sent me information about Allen, which included an article from the London Gazette when he was awarded the Military Cross for:

“conspicuous gallantry and good leadership during an advance. He was in charge of sixteen machine guns, and on reaching the final objective, he at once made a reconnaissance and got his guns into position under heavy fire.  He sent back valuable information and inspired his men by his energy and contempt of danger”. – London Gazette, 29 November 1918 and Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 23 May 1919

After war Allen joined the Police force.

He died on September 25, 1972 at St. Vincents Hospital, Melbourne, age 80, after living for many years in Richmond.

April A-Z Challenge S is for STEVEN


S is for STEVEN JOHN DEMPSTER – my son. Steven was born in Shepparton , Victoria, on 22 November 1974. Last year he had his 40th birthday, which really leaves me shaking my head as I wonder where those years went.

Steven became a motor mechanic and in 2002, he bought our automotive business. He has taken that business over the past few years, and made it much bigger and more successful.

Steven married Kellie in Port Douglas  in 2006 and now has three beautiful litte boys – Jake, Lucas and Hudson.

I’m a very proud mum as Steven has turned out to be a responsible and caring adult. As an active Search and Rescue member and past President, he gives up much of his time to help others. What else could a Mum ask for of her child – kind, caring and a producer of three gorgeous grandsons.



April A-Z Challenge – R is for RICHMOND

RR is for RICHMOND, Victoria, Australia. my father was born in Lambert Street Richmond, in January 1926. Dad was born at the family home – a tiny 2 bedroom terrace house, which I’m sure would have been bursting at the seams, trying to contain the large family.

RICHMOND today is very gentrified, with many renovated terrace houses, but in the 1920’s when my Dad was born, Richmond was very much considered lower class, bordering on slum conditions.

Janet McCalman wrote an award winning book about Richmond in the early days:  Struggletown: Public and Private Life in Richmond 1900-1965 relating many stories of everyday life in the lower working class suburb of Richmond. Life in the struggling suburb was very tough back then, with families trying to cope and survive the depression, which caused high unemployment and much suffering. Richmond of course is also the home of my Dad’s beloved  Richmond Football Club.

Janet writes about the wild boys who lived in Lambert Street who were constantly getting up to mischief and stirring up the neighbourhood. No names were mentioned but there is every chance that these wild boys were my father and his brothers.





April A-Z Challenge: Q is for mcQUEEN

QQ is for mcQUEEN Thomas James Jonathon, my  Great Great Grandfather.  Thomas is a bit of a mystery to me – one of my brickwalls, requiring further research. He was born in 1824 in Jamaica. It’s probable that his father was in the West Indies from Scotland, on military deployment.

Thomas married JANET YOUNG in Launceston on October 26 1844. Janet was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Thomas was a painter and glazier

Thomas and Janet had 10 children over a period of 18 years. Thomas died in 1863,  in Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. At the time of his death the youngest child was a newborn of just a few weeks.

April A-Z Challenge – P is for PEARCE

PP is for PEARCE, EMILY LOUISA, born June 23, 1857 at Yan Yean, Victoria Australia. I’ve been told she was known as Louie. She was my Great great Grandmother, and I think my grandmother Emily was probably named after her, as she  is the only Emily in the family.

Family folklore says she was a bit of a feisty character, with many stories showing this. But unfortunately these stories are not mine to tell.

Emily had a large family and passed away in June 1950 at Kew, Victoria and is buried in Seymour. She was age 92 years at the time of her death.





April A-Z Challenge – O is for Olivia

OO is for OLIVIA TRANTER. Born in 1909 in at Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.Her parents are CHARLES EDWIN TRANTER and CATHERINE ANN MANTON.

On a wet wintry day in 1930, Olivia went out  horse riding at about 4pm.  When she didn’t return by evening, her family went out searching for her. Her horse was found tethered to a tree on the Kyneton Road, and her hat and coat were discovered on the bank of the Wild Duck Creek, near a deep pool.  Her two brother’s went into the water and found her body. Family members told the inquest that Olivia had been depressed of late.

The Corner gave his finding of death by drowning. He said there was insufficient evidence to show how Olivia came to be in the water.






April A-Z Challenge – N is for Nancy

NN is for NANCY MAY JONES, my father’s sister. Nancy  was born 13 years before my father, in August 1913 at the family home, 18 Young Street, Moonee Ponds, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.

Sadly, Nancy had a very short life. She died in October, 1914, from heart failure, after being burnt in an accident at home, 3 days earlier. At the time of her death, the family were living at Lincoln Road, Essendon, Victoria.

According to my father’s memories of what the family told him of his sister, the accident happened when the children were playing with matches. Her death certificate says her burns were small. There was no inquest held.





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