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About Me

I’ve been researching my family history since the early 1980s, when a friend asked me to help with organising a family reunion for her family. Sneakily she gave me an old copy of Family Tree Maker and suggested I start with entering myself and work backwards. My father was an orphan at age 5, and I’m ashamed to say that  I had never questioned why, or how his parents died. When I found that they had died within just a few weeks of each other and left 10 children behind, I was hooked and wanted to know more about this branch of the family. I’ve since, extended my research to all branches of my surprisingly large family.

As well as the family history, I really love history in general, this often has me going off on all sorts of tangents, looking for some small fact that I must find, sometimes crucial to building my family history, but sometimes, just because I want to know. I have also, surprisingly, discovered a love of writing. This blog was originally started to keep me accountable to my promise to myself to keep writing. But I’ve found that writing about my family history and genealogy in general is not a chore.

I’m also deeply passionate about  cycling, bushwalking and fitness in general. You can find my, fitness blog here

I love totally off the grid at Axe Creek. This is in the centre of Victoria, just outside the historical goldfields city of Bendigo. You can find my One Place Study of Axedale here 

All of this leads to the extremely busy life that I live and love.

  1. Anne Morrison permalink

    I’m trying to find gt grandfather, Alex Morrison, blacksmith, who came to Australia for a short period possibly in the 1890’s. A mr A Morrison purchased a blacksmith business in Heathcote in 1897. I would like to find out if it’s him, or one of your Morrisons! Alex came from Aberdeenshire, so not sure if he was related to the Heathcote Clan. Do you have any knowledge, or suggestions?
    Cheers, Anne

    • Anne I’m not sure how your Alexander Morrison is related to mine, but suspect he probably is. I don’t have an Alexander yet, but research on this line is incomplete. However the name Alexander appears very often amongst my ancestors as a second name.
      My Morrisons are from Glenshiel Ross-Shire, Scotland. I will post more about the early Morrisons in the next few weeks, and maybe you will pick up some clues.
      Is your Alexander Morrison buried at Heathcote. I live nearby and could check out the cemetary if he is. Perhaps there would be some clues there. Please keep in touch.

  2. Hi Jennifer, congratulations on your blog! I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You can visit my blog page for the details.
    Cheers Susan

    • Thank you so much for your nomination Susan. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to accept. Life has been throwing up some time challenges for me lately. But I will accept and nominate shortly. Thanks again for your support

  3. Neil Brookes permalink

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’ve done a fair bit of research into the Waters family of Newton Bury, being a descendant myself. Quite an interesting story – would be happy to share research.


    • Hi Neil, Thanks for getting in touch. I would love to compare information. Which line of Waters do you belong to?

    • MARY MOSS permalink

      Hi Neil,

      I’m descended from a sister of Thomas Waters, he being the first Waters of that family to emigrate to Australia. Perhaps you know that he left England and a wife (no children) in about 1854, then wrote for the first time to his father in 1862. He began:
      Kyneton May 20th 1862
      Dear Father,
      There has been a long time passed without any communication, I am very sorry that I have neglected writing for such a length of time. I put it off till I had good news for you but it appeared that bad luck was to attend me and I grew more careless in writing but there has not a day passed for this last eight years that I have not thought of home and those I left behind.

  4. Hi Jennifer, I have started a Facebook page for local or family history web writers. It is meant as a support and ideas network for bloggers and Wiki owners and we’d love you to join. Please share this link with any other of your contacts with blogs that you would like to invite:

  5. Graham Sleeth permalink

    Jennifer. My mother was your grandfather’s sister. Maybe we should share some Morrison history.

  6. Jacqui permalink

    Are you the same Jennifer Jones that I just messaged on Ancestry?

  7. Hello from the States. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

    I absolutely love reading your genealogical posts! You bring your ancestors to life with your words. Well done!

  8. Retirement Reflections permalink

    Hi, Jennifer – The Camino is an incredible experience. Last summer, my husband and I walked from Najera to Camino de Santiago to Muxia to Finnistere (720 km) to celebrate his 70th birthday I also mentioned the Camino in my Road Trip post ( #AtoZChallenge )! Do you plan on doing another Camino?

    • I would dearly love to do another Camino but no plans at this stage. Will check out your Road Trip post. Thanks for visiting

  9. Ian Shaw permalink

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for the kind comments on my book “On Radji Beach.” It was a pleasure to write as I really wanted to tell the story in as much detail as I could and, in doing so, recognise the lives of a truly remarkable group of young women. Best Wishes, Ian W. Shaw

    • Thanks for dropping in Ian. I’m so pleased that you did write the book. They’re story really does need to be told.

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