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Theme Reveal April #AtoZChallenge

March 18, 2018


Today is the much awaited Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Theme Reveal Day. I’m very excited to reveal my theme for 2018 and also cannot wait to check out the themes chosen by other bloggers for this year’s challenge.

After completing four previous A-Z challenges, this year, I have really Struggled to come up with a theme. I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to participate this year, and that thought really disapppointed and upset me. But after giving it much thought, I have come up with a theme that excites me.

Today, on Theme Reveal Day, I can announce that my theme is The Story of Me. This might sound like a strange theme to some, but it’s the perfect theme for me to be blogging about at this time, and also the perfect theme for this genealogy/family history blog.

As a family history researcher, who has written the story of many ancestors, here and elsewhere, the need to write my story has been on my mind for a long time. I have even attempted it a few times, but never managed to make any progress. I couldn’t get past the fact that my story is ‘ordinary’. I always seem to struggle to make that ordinary story, interesting enough, for a reader to want to read. To me it seems more doable to tell my story in small bite size, alphabetical pieces.

When tracing a family, it’s easy to find the facts of dates and places, but finding the story of an ancestor is much more difficult. It is extremely important that we understand our ancestors stories, so that we can clearly understand their life. A life is much more than dates and places. This is why family historians are encouraged to interview our relatives.

Just a reminder from me, that if you’re researching your family, you really should interview your relatives, especially the elderly, and record that information. I always tell a new researcher to do it right away, even before recording dates and facts.  That information will always be there waiting to be recorded. Not so, our elderly relatives. So often, we leave it too late and many great stories are taken to the grave.

Tracking Down The Family is archived on Pandora Archive by so hopefully any future historian, looking for information on this family, or dare I say, looking for information about me even, will stumble across my ramblings. How I would love to find an A-Z series with the theme The Story of Me, written by one of my ancestors.

So hopefully the Story Of Me, that will unfold in April, will help a future researcher ‘put some meat on the bones of his/her research’ and get to know me better, even after I’ve left this world. It’s not that my story will be unusual or even exciting. It’s just the story of this ordinary person and her battles, challenges, wins and losses in a life that so far, in my opinion, has been well lived.

I am aware that this theme will probably ‘push many of my buttons’ and be confronting at times. This will be the first time, I’ve written anything personal on my blogs. I usually try to stay away from that. But I think that now is the right time to open up and be authentic about who I am, and how I became who I am.

The April A-Z Challenge, requires me to post every day in April, except Sunday, to a chosen theme. Some bloggers choose not to have a theme and that’s ok too.  One change this year is that, as April 1 is on Sunday, ‘A’ posts will be on Sunday. But there will be no other Sunday posts for the rest of the month.

 Please visit again to see my story unfold. 



  1. What an interesting theme! I really look foward to learning more about you Jennifer. I am also interested in how you will tackle the personal things as I have been thinking of something similar myself. Good luck!

  2. Fantastic idea Jennifer, I look forward to reading your contributions with interest. I too have been thinking about something along those lines but not sure I’m game enough.

  3. Great theme Jennifer and this afternoon I was visiting a friend in hospital. I had been talking with my cousin who has done our family tree and she mentioned an ancestor had owned a home on Wickham Terrace in the 1800s. She sent me a photo and it is still there right next door to the hospital! I’m looking forward to following your theme.

  4. Good luck with your “Story of Me” – I hope all the preparations are going really well.
    Tasha’s Theme Reveal

  5. leannelc permalink

    Well it sounds really intriguing Jennifer – I’ll be along every day to get to know you a little bit more – you might even get me interested in genealogy by the end of April!
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  6. I love this idea! You should definitely embrace your own history! Look forward to reading!
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance on Twitter from

  7. Great idea for a theme, and when I saw that you were a genealogy blogger, I wondered what you could possibly do with that. I’m interested to see where you take this idea. Good luck for the challenge! 🙂

  8. Love your theme! I did that last year but not in the A to Z, I did it myself and took an entire year to finish! I knew I’d have lots to say and write so I gave my self 365 Days! LOL. I’ll be stopping by!

  9. I think this is a great theme for a family historian! Have you participated in “The Book of Me Written By You” hosted by the blog Anglers Rest? She has lots of prompts about telling our own story.

  10. As a genealogist and family historian, I get where you are coming from–writing your own story is daunting! This is my 5th A-Z year and I’ve done several sorta autobio themes, including this year. hope to see you around!

    Gail Park
    Making Life an Art

  11. Nilanjana Bose permalink

    Hi, here from the A-Z. Very apt choice of theme for a family history blog. So agree that we should capture the stories while our elderly relatives are around. All the very best with the challenge.


  12. Shirley Corder permalink

    Enjoy the challenge! I’m blogging on Improve your Life, Improve your Mind

  13. That’s a brilliant idea; one I should consider too (a little down the track). As family researchers, we both know how much we’d love to hear some stories from our ancestors’ own words. As always, you are an inspiration to me. Sue x

  14. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Seeing how other people write about themselves is important as there is a fair bit of me in my blog as well. I am writing for my children and grandchildren and find the A to Z gives me the required impetus once a year to get it down. Having to do 26 posts is a great way to extend and expand what you have to say.

    Not long to go now. See you soon.

    • Thanks for your comment. I will visit your blog as it sounds like I would be interested to read what you have to say

  15. Anna Louden permalink

    Hi, my surname is Louden and I live in Scotland and love learning about family history so I was just looking up my surname and came across the article on the letter ‘A’.
    Probably am not related to them but still very interesting.

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