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March 6, 2018


The Blogging from blogging April A to Z April Challenge is once again almost here again. This challenge is one of the highlights of the year in blogging for me. It focuses my attention on the blog completely and requires me to be organised with my posts, ideally having them prepared ahead of time.

But the big highlight is the bloggers that I meet and the many blogs that I read on a huge range of topics, some that normally wouldn’t attract my interest.  A number of these blogs, I have continued to follow throughout the year.

I’ve been thinking about the 2018 challenge for a few weeks, as sign up has been looming. The stumbling block for me has been my choice of theme. I just haven’t been able to think of one. Previously my themes have been:

*    Names in my family history
*    Places of my family history
*    Towns in Victoria
*    Bendigo (where I live)

This year I’ve been struggling to come up with a theme and had almost thrown in the towel. But yesterday a theme popped into my head from nowhere. This theme has me feeling quite excited and I can’t wait to start preparing the posts. Theme reveal day is on Monday 19 March, so no hints until then.

Below are links to my A-Z Challenge posts in 2017
A – Anderson Elizabeth
B – Boyle Family
C – Calnan Edward
D – Dempster
E – Elizabeth Macrow
F – Fox John Michael
G – Gallagher Ann
H – Henry Lloyd Taylor
I – Izzard Ann
J – ‘Bossy Jones’
K – Kennedy Bridget Berlinda
L – Love Ada Louisa
M – McQueen Alexander
N – Nancy May Jones
O – Olivia Tranter
P – Pearce Emily Louisa
Q – Quinn Jane 
S – Susan Waters
T – Taylor Fanny  
U –  ?
V – Victor Eric Tranter
W – Waters Thomas Snr
X Y & Z |


As I have been recording these links, it’s all come back to me, of how much I struggled last year. This was the second year I had used the theme of names in my family history.  As you will see in the links, letters U, X, Y and Z caused me grief. I remember that I was running out of steam towards the end, and was quite upset to have no ancestors with those letters, that I hadn’t written about previously.

I’m feeling more confident going into the 2018 challenge that my theme won’t let me down.

Are you participating in the April A-Z Challenge this year. Let me know in the comments. I’d love to look out for your posts.



  1. 🙂 So glad you decided to join in again

  2. I’ve signed up again Jennifer and I blame you and Leanne Le Cras from Cresting the Hill! LOL:) It is a challenge but I’m keen to read your theme. I love family history and cousins on both sides of my family have researched way back so itit is very interesting. Looking forward to your posts.

  3. leannelc permalink

    I take full responsibility for sucking Sue into the challenge again Jennifer – the big reveal is tomorrow – I’m doing the A to Z(en) of Life as my theme – have written about two thirds of my posts already so feel quite relaxed about it all – looking forward to reading yours and Sue’s each day xx

    • I think we both had a hand in dragging Sue into the challenge. I’m so interested in your theme. My theme is very very similar. I’ve only written a few posts, but have outlines for all of them, so also feeling relaxed. Looking forward to us A-Zeding together

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