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DNA Downunder Conference Information

April 22, 2019

I posted recently that I am an Ambassador for the  DNA Down Under Conference coming later in the year. There are a few reasons that I would be looking forward to this conference, even if I wasn’t an Ambassador.

I had my DNA tested a few years ago now. When the results arrived, I couldn’t wait to see my ethniticy results  – Irish-Scottish-Welsh-English. They were interesting, but there really wasn’t much there that I hadn’t expected. Recently, due to scientific improvements to testing techniques, Ancestry added Swedish to my results. This did surprise me, so I planned to look into where my Swedish heritage fitted in with my family history research.  I put it to one side for a while, and of course eventually forgot about it.

Occasionally, I look at my DNA Circles and the recently added Thru Lines, but as yet I haven’t contacted any connections or don’t do much other than look.

I know there is much more I could have done with my results. But DNA really does confuse me, so when I heard that there was a conference coming to Australia, I was quite excited, knowing this is where I would find all the information that I need to make sense of my results and gain a much deeper understanding of the subject.

I’d also like to have other family members tested, but am hestitant to do this until I can understand the subject of DNA in more depth. I’d hate the family members that I had tested, to ask me questions about the testing, and about the results that I couldn’t answer.

So, for all of the above reasons, being an Ambassador for the Melbourne DNA conference is the icing on the cake for me. I plan to bring you as much information about the conference as I’m able to, both before and after the conference.

The DNA topics being presented will be of interest to both DNA beginners, and those further along the DNA journey. You will receive information that will help you understand testing and its results. This will be a huge advantage for your research into your family history.

Please find details of the conference below. The speakers chosen for this conference are amongst the best in the world on this topic.

Tickets to the conference are available now with early bird tickets available until 30 April.  So be quick and don’t miss out on the reduced prices.

From the DNA conference organisers:


At the moment, DNA is a hot topic
throughout the world!

Few people understand it as well as they would like, to further their research!
So, we’re bringing together a team of speakers from among the best in the world!
Their mission is to explain DNA and unlock the power it holds for people like you.
Whether you’re a beginner, know a little about the topic, or have a good grasp of it, this event is for is for you.

Blaine Bettinger, author of the best selling book “The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy”, heads a lineup of world-class genetic genealogists at the DNA Downunder conferences. You can find more information on the speakers here.

Conference Dates

Brisbane – Wed 14 Aug
Perth – Sat 17 Aug
Adelaide – Tue 20 Aug
Melbourne – Fri 23 Aug
Canberra – Mon 26 Aug
Sydney – Thu-Sat 29-31 Aug

  1. Hi Jennifer it is fascinating isn’t it? My cousin had her’s done and apparently there was some African in amongst the British so that was interesting. I would like to have mine done one day but haven’t made it a priority.

    • Sue, it’s very fascinating and a whole new thing to learn about, which is why I’m looking for forward to the conference and the opportunity to be an Ambassador.

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