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Almost Time For Rootstech 2023.

February 27, 2023

I’ve noticed over the past few days on social media, that the Rootstech 2023 excitement is building. Rootstech is a world wide genealogical and family history conference. Pre covid it was an in person only conference, but during the pandemic, it became a virtual conference, with people all over the world joining in to learn more about researching their family history. Rootstech is also the place to learn about the latest technological innovations, particularly as they relate to family history research.

In 2016, I attended RootsTech at Salt Lake City USA in person. I don’t have the words to say how wonderful it was, and how much I learnt about both family history research and technology. I met genies and bloggers, face to face who were mostly online friends, and generally had a great time socialising with people who also shared my love of family history.

Geneabloggers at Rootstech in 2016

Since then, I have attended both virtual Rootstech conferences, and am very much looking forward to Rootstech 23, which starts later this week. Once again I will be attending virtually.


There are sessions on every topic imaginable about family history. The great thing about the virtual Rootstech is that the sessions remain available online after the conference is over. I usually watch the Main Stage sessions live, and spend the rest of the three days watching the sessions that are of particular interest me. Over the past weekend, I spent time checking out the sessions and adding those that interested me to my play list which I will be able to access for the rest of the year.

Relatives At Rootstech

Rootstech promotes families and connection, and have made it possible to connect with family all over the world. Registered attendees are matched through FamilySearch with attendees who share a common ancestor.

Relatives at Rootstech causes great excitement amongst attendees, and myself, of course. I have seen people posting on social media that they have relatives at Rootstech, that number in the hundreds. I always have zero relatives. I have checked all my settings and they are all as they should be to attract relatives. In a way, I shouldn’t be at all surprised, as except for a couple of family members, there is nobody in my family, with any interest in their family history.

What a surprise I had recently, when Relatives at Rootstech was opened to find that this year, I have eighteen relatives at Rootstech.To me eighteen people feels like hundreds.I was most excited to see that one of my Relatives at Rootstech is a 2nd cousin. I haven’t made contact with any of the connections as yet, but am planning to do so during Rootstech.

Expo Hall

One of the highlights of Rootstech is the Expo Hall. It’s possible to access the Expo Hall, even if only attending the virtual conference. This is a place where innovatve companies display the latest technology available for family history research. When attending the conference in person, the Expo Hall is a busy and exciting place to be. I really appreciate that it is available to virtual attendees, as it’s a part of the conference that I love.

Watch out for more on my experience of Rootstech in 2023.

RootsTech has always been a celebration of connection—past, present and future

Are you going to attend Rootstech in person this year? If so, I’m sure you will have a fabulous time.

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  1. RootsTech sounds fun! It’s great to meet a bunch of people that share your passion.

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