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Life Of A Genie Update

October 19, 2022

There has been quite a bit happening, which has resulted in very few new posts appearing. It’s hard to believe that my last Life of a Genie Update was 14 weeks ago, in mid July. I wouldn’t say that I lost my blogging mojo. I’ve constantly had the blog in my mind, as I mentally made plans for future posts. Time just seemed to be in short supply to actually write those posts, which I know is a constant complaint of genies. It’s obvious that I need to get myself a bit better organised, so this doesn’t happen again. I’m taking on this challenge to post more regularly, until the end of the year and then into 2023.

Norfolk Island

Just two weeks after the last update, I headed to Norfolk Island for the AFFHO History In Paradise Australasian Conference. This was a wonderful experience that I posted about shortly after arriving home. I learnt more than I ever expected by attending, and by visiting this beautiful island with it’s beauty and it’s brutal history.

Link to my post about Norfolk Island

After The Conference

After arriving home, there was no time to rest, recuperate and reminisce about the wonderful time I had. The day after I arrived home, was the day that the move into my house in town began. The plan was that, as I was still on holidays, I would move all of the boxes by car and we would get the moving van just for the furniture. This worked well, but it meant there wasn’t a spare moment for over a week, as I drove the 60k round trip over and over and over…… Thinking about it later, it would probably have cost less and been less stressful to send everything in the moving van.

Once the move was complete, my office and all my genie papers, boxes etc had to be unpacked and set up. I’m still surrounded by a few boxes and the paperwork hasn’t all been sorted for easy access yet, but it’s getting there. To make matters worse, I decided to replace my dying computer so have had to spoend precious time that I don’t really have transferring everything over. But these are only first world problems and not worth worrying about. It will all get done eventually.

National Family History Month

August was National Family History Month, and Alex from Family Tree Frog blog created a blogging challenge to celebrate the month, which involved publishing a post on each Sunday of the month. Loving a blogging challenge, I put my hand up very quickly, without giving any thought at all to how busy August was going to be. I’m feeling quite ashamed to admit that I only managed to do three NFHM posts, with only the first post being on time. I was chasing my tail for the entire month to get the posts up in time, and intended to write the final post when I arrived home from Norfolk Island – in between packing and moving. I should have realised that that was never going to happen. My apologies to Alex.

National Family History Month Week 1
NationalFamilyHistoryMonth Week 2
National Family History Month Week 3

Queen Elizabeth

Since then, much to my shame, I have published once only. That post appeared shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth. The sadness of her death, inspired me to post about the time that The Day Queen Elizabeth Visited My Home Town. I was only a few weeks old, so thought I’d visit our much loved TROVE to read all about it. I had never heard anyone in the family mention it, so thought perhaps it was a low key visit. How wrong I was.


#ANZAncestryTime is a genealogy/familyhistory discussion session, which is held on Twitter. I’m very happy to be one of the moderators, and look forward to our sessions, on the third Tuesday night each month. As daylight savings has recently started in Australia, check below for the times in your area.

We’ve had interesting topics since my last update that generated quite a bit of interest. I always learn something in these discussions, and there are always a few laughs to be had along the way.

July: Genealogy Books
Aug: London
Sep: Non-Convict Crime
Oct: Open Mic – open discussion and questions

How has your life as a genie been lately? I’d love to hear about it and promise to reply to all comments.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been quite busy! Congrats on the new home (and a new computer )! Wow, 60 miles back and forth is a lot! Welcome back to the Genie World! 🙂

  2. Marian Burk Wood permalink

    Congrats on your move!

  3. Oh Jennifer – I forgot you were moving. I know how stressful that can be! We are currently moving the Society at the moment. What a job! So many hard workers. It’s a marathon. I hope you are loving your new abode and things calm down a bit. Please do not apologise for your NFHM contributions. You did really well given all the challenges you faced. Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter 🙂

  4. You did a lot better than me with family history month. I only managed one. Sometimes es life just gets in the way.

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