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“Merry” Month Of May Meme: My New Normal

June 2, 2022

Pauleen from Cassmob recently posted the 2022 edition of her Merry Month of May Meme: The New Normal. Being very partial to a meme, here I am finally, and very late, contributing my thoughts. This meme asks questions about our experiences living in the new normal world, post pandemic.

Has your day-to-day life returned to how it/you functioned previously? Not really. I’m still working, though less than pre-covid. Post covid, we have no desire to jump on a plane for overseas travel. I even hesitate about interstate travel, though I’m prepared to bite the bullet and do it. In July I’m planning on visiting Norfolk Island and Queensland. I’m a bit nervous about the flights, but trying to be brave.

If your “new normal” is different from your “old normal”, can you share some of the ways it’s changed. I think the biggest difference in our post normal life is that we tend to avoid crowded areas and rarely eat out these days. If we do, we choose quieter places and times, and don’t stay any longer than necessary. We are still wearing masks and probably will be, far into the future. We are staying much closer to home in this new normal life. Pre-covid, I was very needle phobic and would do anything to avoid an injection. Now that I’ve had numerous covid vaccinations and boosters, I’m getting a bit better.

Do you think these will be long-term changes for you? I’m fairly sure these will be long term changes, however I’m prepared to get out of my comfort zone when necessary.

What personal benefits have you gained from the change of pace and experiences in the past two years? I’ve loved the way life has slowed down and become more simple. I spent the first year of the pandemic, digitising my paper files and photos. There was no way this would have been done, if I hadn’t been on covid leave. I have also had more time for family history research and writing my family stories.

Do you think the disadvantages have outweighed the benefits for you and/or family and friends? I have been very fortunate. A disadvantage for me was the loss of income, due to not being able to work for the first year of covid, until vaccinated. The biggest disadvantage was not being able to see my three grandsons, who live in Queensland. I visited them in November 2019, just before the pandemic struck, and haven’t seen them since. It’s an understatement to say that I’m looking forward to seeing them in June.

What do you value most about your new normal? I am extremely grateful to have avoided coming down with covid so far. I really love having more time now for the things I love most. Top of that list is genealogy. Covid has given me a renewed sense of purpose with my family history, due to the Zoom meetings I have been able to attend, and also due to having more time.

What do you consider have been the main influences: covid infection, restrictions and isolation, other health issues, changing inter-personal interactions? Due to my partner’s immunity issue, we made the decision not to work, and to self isolate, during covid. When we first made that decision, we thought it would be for just a few weeks, but we ended up being on leave for an entire year until we were vaccinated.

What is your view of in-person meetings (social or genealogy) and do you love or hate zoom meetings? One of the highlights of of the pandemic have been the many Zoom meetings that I’ve attended. I really hope that online seminars continue as they make it possible for me to attend meetings from anywhere in the world. Being from regional Victoria, it’s not always possible for me to attend in person meetings. Having said that, there is nothing like in person meetings. Catching up with genie friends is a highlight on genie conferences and seminars. I’m still a little nervous about sitting in a crowded room at a conference.

What was the main activity and/or person that supported you through the unpredictable times? Definitely family history. I was able to interact with other lovers of family history during Zoom meetings and on Social Media. This was the cause of me getting my slowly waning mojo back, and lead to my old enthusiasm returning. I am just as passionate today, after reconnecting, as I was in the early days.

Has your community developed a new normal or just returned to the old one? What differences do you see, if any? It seems that many have reverted to the old way of life, but I have noticed there are many who are still being cautious by wearing masks and social distancing. My local coffee shop put in a take away coffee window during covid. This very quickly became popular and now seems to have become part of our culture. Most community events were cancelled and many haven’t as yet returned. I am on a local community committee. Our meetings were only online during the worst of covid. They have now returned to face to face for those who feel comfortable, others are able to participate on Zoom . I really appreciate having that option.

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  1. Hello from a fellow needlephobic! I just had my 4th booster yesterday – yay! I am so lucky to have the GP I do. She is very thorough and supportive. Great response to the meme. Yes, I think COVID has allowed me to realise what my passions are…although I think I always knew genealogy/family history was a passion. The reality is though that now I have all the time in the world to spend on my various passions, family history always seems to come out top dog. I realise now that all the time in the world is still never enough.

    • Alex you’re the first person I’ve met that has the needle thing. My GP is fabulous kind and caring about it also. All the time in the world sounds perfect doesn’t it? That’s until you have that time and realise it’s still not enough time. Thanks for taking time to pop in

  2. Thanks for joining in Jennifer. It’s interesting to see the nuanced differences between us but also the similarities. I hope you conference and family visiting bring joy as well as learning to your life this year. Congratulations on your digitisation project…I still have heaps to do.

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