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#AtoZChallenge: Y – Yarrawonga – Death of John Lloyd Taylor

April 30, 2022

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual challenge put out to bloggers, to publish a post from A-Z, every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. Participants can post on a chosen theme or do random posts with no theme at all. The theme I have chosen for 2022 is Family Stories. I have done this theme before, but this time, I’m choosing people who are more distantly related family members.

John Lloyd Taylor

John Lloyd TAYLOR was my great granduncle. He is the second son of my 2x great grandparents John TAYLOR and Martha LLOYD. John was born on 7 September 1840 at Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The Taylor family left Wales for Australia in 1841, settling at Diamond Creek, Victoria. By 1878, John had moved to Bundalong, on the Murray River and was working as a labourer. His brother, James was farming at Bundalong.

On 01 August, 1877, John TAYLOR applied for lease of land at allotment 56 in the parish of Bundalong, County, of Moira. The allotment size was 160 acres

On 29 October 1879 John sent a letter to the land department asking for an extension of time until after harvest, to pay his lease payment

On 9 February 1887, application was made to convert the leasehold to a freehold. He had been growing wheat on the property since taking over the lease.

Improvements made to the property during the time of the lease:
Building 20 ft X 10 f, consisting of two rooms made from timber and bark.
Stable with 3 stalls made from timber and bark
Cart shed made from timber and bark
Stock yard
A dam had been dug on the property.


John Taylor died on 24 November 1916, at Yarrawonga.

From: The Yarrawonga Mercury, Tuesday November 28, 1916

OBITUARY: The death occurred at Yarrawonga on Friday last, of an old resident of the district in the person of Mr. John Taylor, who has been a sufferer of ? of the heart for the past three years. The deceased who was unmarried, and born at sea was 76 years of age. The death took place on Saturday. The remains were interred in the Yarrawonga Cemetary by Rev. Dunstan conducting the service at the graveside.

He was buried at Yarrawonga Cemetary, Plot 43S, Area 1&4

#The obituary states that John Taylor was born at sea. This is incorrect as he was born at Haverfordwest, Wales. (see above birth certificate)


The executors of John Taylor’s will were Charles Lloyd Taylor (brother) of Oaklands N.S.W and George Forster Gillies of Ringwood, Victoria.
Mary Taylor (sister) inherited 50 pounds. The residue of the estate to be divided between the children of William Lloyd Taylor (brother) with nephew Thomas Taylor to receive twice the share of the others.
Land at Bundalong – 1280 pounds
Crops – 81 pounds
Farming Implements 23 pounds 17shillings 6d
Money in bank – 12 shillings 6d

WILL, Taylor John, Public Records of Victoria (PROV) VPRS 28/P0003, 149/091, 1917

The Official images for the A to Z Challenge in 2022 are in memory of the late Jeremy Hawkins, the official badge designer since the the first challenge.

©2022 copyright. All rights reserved

WILL, Taylor John, Public Records of Victoria (PROV) VPRS 28/P0003, 149/091, 1917

  1. Land files are excellent for getting an idea of the property our forebears owned. Perhaps Thomas, his nephew, was also a godson and hence received a larger share of the estate.

  2. It’s good that you were able to correct the misinformation in the obituary.

  3. Quite a lot of information available for your family — lucky you!


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