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#AtoZChallenge: V – Violet Town Butcher James Boyle

April 27, 2022

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual challenge put out to bloggers, to publish a post from A-Z, every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. Participants can post on a chosen theme or do random posts with no theme at all. The theme I have chosen for 2022 is Family Stories. I have done this theme before, but this time, I’m choosing to research people who are more distantly related.

James Boyle

James Henry BOYLE was my first cousin three times removed. His parents were my second great granduncle Patrick BOYLE and his second wife, Maria CHUTE. Patrick BOYLE came to Australia from Donegal, Ireland as an assisted immigrant in 1857.

James BOYLE was Patrick and Maria’s second son, born in 1869 at Violet Town. In May 1899, James opened up his own butchering business in Cowslip Street, Violet Town.

Below are a few news articles from local newspaper The Euroa Advertiser, where James BOYLE was mentioned. When the first incident took place James was 17 years old. Thomas BOYLE was James’ brother and one year older. Edward CALNAN was James’ cousin.

from: Euroa Advertiser (Vic. : 1884 – 1920), Friday 17 December 1886, page 2.
Violet Town Police Court. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9. (Before Messrs Linard and Wallace, J’s.P.)
Four youths, named respectively James Boyle, Thomas Boyle, Edward Calnan and Thomas White, appeared to answer the charge of having wilfully broken a door and pulled up a fence, the property of an aged man, giving the name of John Waters, and the estimated damage of which was £4.

Mr. Lamrock, of Benalla, defended the accused, and Waters conducted his own prosecution. The complainant in evidence stated that on the night of the 28th November he was disturbed by hearing the barking of his dog, and on going out to ascertain the reason, he observed a light some 400 yards distant from the house; he entered his kitchen again, and shortly afterwards a crashing noise was heard and a billet of firewood came through the roof, accompanied by a huge stone (produced).

On looking out of the bedroom window he espied the defendants near a heap of cut wood, and two of them were engaged in pulling up a fence. In reply to Mr Lamrock, Waters said it was after dark when the occurrence took place; he was nearly 80 years of age, but his sight was quite good; was quite sure the defendants before the court were the persons who assailed his house on the evening in question. It was their second offence.

Mr Lamirock submitted that the case must be dismissed, as the complainant had not sworn to damages, which he was required to do in order to prove his case thoroughly. The Bench were about to recall Waters for this purpose, but the attorney objected. A slight passage-at-arms ensued between the Bench and the latter, and after consulting the Clerk of Court, the Bench found that they had no alternative but to dismiss the case.

The justices, however, did so reluctantly, and offered to nonsuit the plaintiff with costs; or give him an opportunity to withdraw and bring the case on for hearing again, when they would order a free summons to issue, but Waters declined to accept either of the tenders.

From: Euroa Advertiser (Vic. : 1884 – 1920) 20 July 1894, page 2

MILK AND WATER EXPERIENCE: On Friday last, while going to Brown Bros.’ creamery, Mr. T. Hartin had a rather “icy” adventure. His horse decided to stop in the middle of deep water, which lay on the road, and “would not budge a foot”. Nothing remained for the driver but to take off his boots and socks, tuck trousers up to the knee, then make for the water, and lift his cans of milk out, one by one, to the opposite side.

The horse after being relieved of the load, then pulled the empty vehicle out. The following morning when going to Wallace’s creamery Mr James Boyle went even further than this, and had an immersion in the Honeysuckle.

His horse stumbled in the middle of the stream, and precipitated him into the icy waters. He soon came up again, however, and by a little assistance, got to the bank safely with horse, dray and milk. The cows would, no doubt, appear to have given a little extra when the milk was brought to the factory.

From Euroa Advertiser

Begs to inform his numerous friends
and the public in general that he has
opened his
and trusts by strict attention to
and keeping
To merit a fair share of public patronage
Small goods, always on hand
Families waited on for orders.
Highest price given for hides and skins.

from: The Euroa Advertiser, (Vic: 1884-1920) Friday 21 September, 1900 page 2

………………… Jas. Boyle proceeded against Mrs Hart to recover the sum of £6 9s 10d, being for goods sold and delivered. The defendant admitted the debt, but stated that she was unable to pay under present circumstances. She stated that she had no property, and Mr Boyle being agreeable to give time, the magistrate said that the parties would have to come to some agreement between themselves for the settlement of the account. The Court then adjourned.

from: The Violet Town Sentinel (Vic. : 1894 – 1946) 22 June 1915, page 1

IMPORTANT SALE.- On Saturday next Mr E. Stribling will conduct an important auction sale, under instructions from Mr James H Boyle, who has sold his property and is leaving the district., The whole of his furniture and effects, horses, etc., will be disposed


James Henry BOYLE died on 5 October 1839 at Royal Park Psychiatric Hospital. He was buried at Fawkner Cemetery on 6 October 1839.

*Please note: Punctuation and paragraphs have been added to the above transcription for ease and speed of reading

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The Official images for the A to Z Challenge in 2022 are in memory of the late Jeremy Hawkins, the official badge designer since the the first challenge.

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  1. I wondered what happened after the sale of the business? Sounds like a sad end for James. Hopefully you will find more pieces of the puzzle. Newspapers give so much information about people from the past, especially the rascally ones.

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