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RootsTech 2022 Days 2 & 3

March 7, 2022

Day 2

Day 2 saw me bounce out of bed bright and early to catch the early Keynote session. As with Day 1, I settled in to watch the keynotes, knowing that I could watch the learning sessions at my leisure. By mid afternoon, live sessions watched, I chose a few sessions to watch followed by a visit to the Expo Hall.


From Convict Stain to Royalty by Michelle Patient
Following the Gold Rushes by Michelle Patient
Somewhere in Time by Cherri Hudson Passey
How to Find Your Story in the Facts by Mark Pedri
The Day to Day Life – Getting to Know Your Ancestors by Jenae Brown
It’s Not All Done! Finding Places to Research in a Full Family Tree by Linda Hilton
Heritage Studies For Family History Research: Australia and Worldwide
Research England Workhouse Records by Sylvia Valentine

Day 3

The final day started with the Live Wrap Up of RootsTech 2022. It was fun to watch behind the scenes footage, during the recordings for Rootstech – in the office, setting up to record, during food demos, dance sequences, travelling to countries all over the world for recording purposes. I really enjoyed seeing the ways in which RootsTech celebrates our differences and similarities regardless of where we live in the world.

We saw footage from around the world showing how people #chooseconnection. There was a photographer who came across an old lady sitting on a street bench. When he asked her permission to be photographed, she said no, because she was too old. He talked to her and told her she was beautiful, and eventually she allowed him to use his camera. The photos showed a beautiful and happy elderly lady.


Considering Surname Variations When Researching Your Ancestors by Davina Wilcock
In The Neighbourhood by Fioner Brooker
An Old Mail Envelope Opens Up Far Distance Family Communication That Brings Tears of Joy
by Hendra Purnawan
Start With What You Know, Analyze What You Know by Kori Robbins
What’s On Your Genealogy Bucket List by Bonnie L. Bossert
Series of 3 Sessions: UK Ancestors On A Budget by Karen Evans

My experience of RootsTech 2022, is that it was a very positive and fun conference. After all the news of the past few weeks, on top of going through the pandemic, it’s been a relief to only think of fun and joy for a few days. I felt very proud to be part of an event the promotes family, connection and inclusiveness, regardless of who you are or the part of the world in which your live.

At end of Day 3, couldn’t help but think that, as great as this virtual conference was, I am really looking forward to attending an in person conference, in the not too distant future. I’m also looking forward to attending RootsTech 2023 virtually, as was announced at the end of the wrap up video.
I will post about some of my highlights of Roots Tech soon.

There were many DNA sessions, but I decided to save these until after Roots Tech when I can watch them, all in a short period of time. Hopefully this will help me with my DNA knowledge which is very poor.


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