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Book Review: The Collaborator by Dianne Armstrong

December 20, 2020

My favourite reading genre is historical fiction, particularly historical war fiction. I enjoy reading a book that is based on fact and well researched. I’ve just finished reading a really great book which is based on a true story and set in the days towards the end of WW2.

The Collaborator
by Diane Armstrong

The Collaborator

The story starts in Australia. Annika becomes intrigued by how little she knows about her grandmother’s life story, and her survival of the holocaust. All she knows, is that her grandmother, migrated to Australia from Budapest after WW2. She accidentally finds out about Miklos Nagy, who helped her grandmother escape from the Nazi’s, and is desperate to know the story which her grandmother refuses to speak about.

Annika decides to travel to Budapest to find out more. She finds herself going on to Tel Aviv, as the story becomes more real, and a much bigger story than expected. This novel develops around the themes of heroism, collaboration, love, family and betrayal.

The story is cleverly combined with Annika’s experiences, and the people she meets along the way. There are two time frames in which the story is told. Annika is telling of her experiences, as she investigates her grandmother’s story. Miklos Nagy narrates the historical chapters, telling his story of the rescue.

The events around Annika’s grandmother’s escape from Budapest is a true story, which is told here in a very clever way. At almost 500 pages, this book takes a large time commitment, but one that I was happy to make for this subject matter.

I was engaged from the beginning, and caught up in the dramas the characters were living. The story of Miklos Nagy’s rescue of so many people from the death camps had me captivated. I was even more so at the end, when I realised this was a true story.

I would recommend Collaboration to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or anyone with a love of stories of WW2.

Published 07 July 2020 by HQ Fiction
paperback 496 pages


What have you been reading lately? I’d love to hear about it and promise to reply to all comments.

©2020 copyright. All rights reserved

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