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A Busy Wedding Day #52ancestors

October 28, 2020

Professional genealogist and podcaster, Amy Johnson Crow has put out the challenge to genealogists and family historians, to write stories about 52 of their ancestors in 52 weeks. I am happily taking up the challenge, and look forward to writing stories, that will collate many years of research results. In most cases, the research for my ancestors is not complete, and possibly never will be complete, but I’m hoping to build a story of the lives they lived with the information I have to hand.

I hope to compile the posts published for the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks Challenge into a book.

Week 43: Quite The Character

My parents, Thomas Lloyd JONES and Eunice Joy MORRISON, were married in July 1952 at the Wesley Church, in Shepparton. Usually, a wedding day is a much busier day for the bride, than for the groom. But this was not the case at my parent’s wedding.

My father was a very good football player at the time of his marriage. He played for local team, City United and there was a match that he needed to play on his wedding day.

The wedding was at 11am, which gave time for the service to be held, followed by the football game, which was attended by most of the wedding guests. It was then time to head back to the wedding reception, after the match, for the celebrations.

I love this photo of my father, particularly the lady in the background
who appears to be checking him out

From: The Shepparton News, 07 July 1952
His Big Day Out: United defender Tommy Jones, had a big programme, on Saturday, when, after his wedding that morning, he had a torrid afternoon, against the Shepparton blitz.

From The Shepparton News, 07 July 1952
Smiling Bride and Groom
Attending the Jones-Morrison wedding on Saturday, Mrs. DeTracy was well turned out in a junior blue suit and accessories, her ingenious double brimmed beret, having white polka dots and twisted junior blue cord. She wore white gardenias in her lapel. Mrs. Woodhouse wore a blue hat, with her grey suit. Mrs. Pat O’Brien wore tan accessories with her biscuit suit. Mrs. Walter Byrne, of Williamstown, was in a junior blue suit, with brilliant contrasting color of yellow in her blouse, and carnation on her lapel. Mrs. Gwen Pick wore a handsome tan coat with tan accessories. Mrs. Walker’s forest green coat and tan accessories were worn with cream and yellow roses. Mrs. Sly chose a soft tailored fawn suit, tan accessories, and dress spray of pink carnations.

From: The Shepparton News, Friday July 22, 2016.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_3092.jpg

The photo, above, appeared in the Shepparton Newspaper, in 2016, with a story about the last surviving player in the 1950 team, who was in his 98th year.

I am familiar with this photo, as it has hung on my parents wall for many years. The team is the City United Grand Final Team of 1950. My father was in this team. He is in the front row, at the centre.

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  1. Lovely photos, he won the bride but did he win the football match too?😀

  2. Ha! That’s brilliant! I am also intrigued by mention of the “ingenious double brimmed beret” …!

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