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Shepparton Agricultural Show 1883

October 19, 2020

Shepparton is my hometown. I have many memories of the Shepparton Agricultural Show which for many years has been held on the second week in October.

The following newspaper report is about the Shepparton Agricultural Show in 1883. The show is a much different event today, but I have a feeling that the show that I knew as a child, was still very similar to the show which was held in 1883.

I did notice that in the 19th century, the Show was held later in October than it is today.

From The Australasian, Melbourne, October 27, 1883, page 23

The sixth annual show of the Shepparton and Goulburn Valley Agricultural and Pastoral Society was opened today. The weather was delightfully fine, and the attendance was fair for a first day, on which horses and cattle were not in the yards.

In the machinery and implement department there was a large and varied collection, both harvesting and cultivating machinery being well represented. Messrs. T. Robinson and Co.’s large collection included a portable Steam engine, exhibited working, and a Samuelson string binder.

Messrs. Jas. M’Ewan and Co., in their extensive collection, showed a Walter Woods reaper and, binder and the Howard string binder. Messrs. Wallis, Lush and Co. were well represented, showing, amongst other exhibits, the Hornsby string binder. Messrs. M’Lean Bros, and Rigg made a good display, in which M’Cormick’s string binders were prominent The Hornsby string binder and the Hornsby stripper were shown in Messrs. Briscoe and Co.’s collection. The Buckeye binder was shown, among other machines, by Messrs. T. Henderson and Co., and the Osborne by Messrs. D. Munro and Co. Messrs. Jos Nicholson sent reapers, friction gear, spur gear, strippers, and winnowers, the combined stripper and thresher being shown in motion.

Their machine is a stripper with a straw shaker attached, and is designed to serve as a thresher for such portion of a crop as a farmer may have reaped for the sake of the straw. Messrs. Robinson and Sons, among their strippers, showed the new pulley belt tightened attachment.

Messrs. Swan and Co. exhibited spur gear, strippers, chaffcutters, and other machines, and Mr. H. Lennon showed his strippers, with friction gear, which it is claimed gives lightness of draught. This exhibitor also sent some of his specialities in ploughs, his double-furrow having the off-bearer cranked, so as to facilitate the action of the wheel in turning. Messrs. M’Calman and Garde’s ploughs were well represented, their patent economic share being also shown.

Messrs. G. Munro and Kelly and Preston, Ballarat; Gardiner, Cockburn, and Hutcheson and Walker, Kyneton; Howden, Broadford; and Booth, Wallan, also sent exhibits, and the local firm, Messrs. Swallow and Sons, made a fine display: Messrs. J. Furphy, Tompson, and Forsyth also showing strippers, ploughs, and cultivators.

There was a good collection of buggies shown by Messrs; Pickles and Son, Sandhurst; Stamp and Sons, Maryborough; Lansley, Mooroopna; and Reid, Shepparton. The saddlery and harness department was well supported by Mr. G. Rickerbv, while a collection of churns was shown by Mr. J. Quiggan.

There was a fair number of entries in the sheep sections, both merinoes and longwools being of good quality. Mr. Jas. M’Lellan, Kialla West; Mr. R. E. Prideaux. Katandra; Mr. G. F. Armitage, Benalla, and Mr. C. Wemyss; Murchison, were the most successful exhibitors; and in merinoes Messrs. T. Wilkinson, Kialla West, C. Wemyss. and D. Watt The following are the results of to-day’s judgings.

Implements and Machinery — Single Plough—first, M’Calman and Garde; second, H. Lennon. Double Plough—First M”Calman and Garde; second, Geo. Munro; third, Jas. Thompson, Tatura. Treble-furrow Plough—First, T. Robinson and Co: second, M’Calman and Garde; third, W. Day, Toolamba. Harrows—First, J. Booth; second, J. Howden. Reaper—First, Sawn and Co.; second, Hutchison and Walter. Chaffcutter—First, Sawn and Co.; second, A. and H. Groves (Buncle’s), Dray—First, Jas. Whitfield and Co. Waggon—First, Kelly and Preston; second, Merchant and Attwood.

Buggy _ First W.A. Lansey; second and third D. Reid. Waggonette – First and second W. Clydesdale; third F.T. Ord.

Scarifier – First Jas Thompson; second, J. Forsyth.

Drag Harrows—First, W. Day; second, T. Robinson and Co.

Longwood Sheep —Ram, four-tooth—First, T.’Wilkinson, Arcadia; second, W. Watson, Tabilk; third, J. Roberts, Dookie. Ram, two-tooth—First, C. Wemyss: second, D. Watt: third. W. Watson. Ewe, four-tooth—First and third, W. Watson; second, T. Wilkinson. Ewe, two-tooth—First, T. Wilkinson; second and third. W. Watson. Pair Four-tooth Ewes —First, D. Watt- Champion—T. Wilkinson.

Extras. — Shearing, First, R. M’Farland; second, M. M’Donald; third, J. Davidson.

Merino Sheep, —Ram, four-tooth—First and second, J. M’Lennan, Kialla west. Ram, two-tooth—First and second, R. E. Prldeaux, Katandra; third, M’Dougall Bros., Khulll’s Range. Ewe, four-tooth— First, Jas. M’Lellan; second, C. Wemyss, Murchison ; third, M’Dougall Bros. Ewe, two-tooth—First and seoond, G. F. Armitage, Benalla. Fat Sheep—First, C. Wemyss ; second, D. Watt, Murchison – third, J. Inglis, Pine-lodge. Fat Lambs—First, D. Watt; second, W. Fairless, Balkamanga.

SHEPPARTON AGRICULTURAL SHOW. (1883, October 27). The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 – 1946), p. 23. Retrieved October 13, 2020, from

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