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Triple Wedding – Janet McEwan

June 1, 2020

Professional genealogist and podcaster Amy Johnson Crow has put out the challenge to genealogists and family historians, to write stories about 52 of their ancestors in 52 weeks. I am happily taking up the challenge, and look forward to writing stories, that will collate many years of research results. In most cases, the research for my ancestors is not complete, and possibly never will be complete, but I’m hoping to build a story of the lives they lived with the information I have to hand.

These stories will be published into a book at the end of 2020. Each week a prompt will be given as the theme for the week.

Week 23: Wedding

Janet YOUNG was my great great  grandmother. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1824 and married my great great grandfather THOMAS JAMES JONATHAN McQUEEN in Launceston in 1844. William and Janet had a large family of children. The first two were born in Launceston, before they moved to Victoria and settled in Collingwood, where Janet gave birth to a further eight children.

I lost track of Janet after the death of her husband in 1863. At the time of his death, their youngest child was just four years old and they were living in Fitzroy.  A younger child, a daughter, also died in 1863.

Over the years,  I have tried to find Janet and had almost given up hope. That is until I came across her second marriage in the marriages index, which I had checked many times.   Janet Young/McQueen married for a second time in 1873. She was listed on the index as Janet McEwan, and previously I hadn’t noticed this entry.

Janet McQueen or McEwan, as it was now written, married JAMES TAYLOR in 1873 at Broken Creek. To add to the confusion, her new husband had the same surname as her daughter’s husband, and the same christian name as his brother. This sent me into a bit of a spin at first, until after checking, I found that he doesn’t  belong to the same Taylor family. His family came from Suffolk, England and our Taylor’s were from Wales.

The area, Broken Creek, the place of their marriage,  was where Thomas and Janet McEwan’s daughter, Janet had lived in earlier years, with her husband William Lloyd Taylor. I had noticed, many years ago, that there was a witness to their marriage named James Taylor. I had assumed that he must belong to the family of William, but couldn’t place him. I was sure it wasn’t William’s brother, James Taylor.

I am now sure that the James Taylor who was witness to William Taylor and Janet McEwan’s wedding was probably a neighbour, and the same James Taylor who later married Janet’s mother, Janet McEwan.

Triple Wedding

The wedding day must have been very exciting as it was a triple wedding. Also married on the day were James Taylor’s two daughters. Both daughters married farmers from the local district.

from: North Eastern Ensign, Benalla, Friday 03 October 1873, page 2

Taylor Triple Wedding
TAYLOR — McEWAN – On the 1st inst, at  Broken Creek, by the Rev. W. Gould, Mr. James Taylor, of Broken Creek, farmer, to Mrs. Janet McEwan, relict of Thomas McEwan late of Fitzroy.

SANGER – TAYLOR On the 1st inst, at Broken Creek, by the Rev. W. Gould, Mr. John Sanger,  of Broken Creek to Miss Zillah Taylor, daughter of James Taylor,  of Broken Creek.

CROUCHER—TAYLOR .— On the 1st inst, at Broken Creek, by the Rev. W. Gould, Mr. James Croucher, of Glenrowan, to Miss Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of James Taylor of Broken Creek.


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  1. I’ve heard of double weddings and as a matter of fact, there is one in my family. A triple wedding?! Wow! That must have been really something to behold. Great story.

  2. I have never heard of a triple wedding. My son was part of a triple graduation party. Cannot imagine doing a wedding that way though.

  3. Interesting! A triple wedding would be a memorable occasion. Good work spotting the unrelated Taylors. Could be very confusing!

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