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Inquest Series – Baby Jones

November 20, 2019

This is the second in the series, examining inquests that have been held for members of my family, who lost their lives suddenly and perhaps not from natural causes.

Baby Jones born 27 August 1896

The inquest into the death of baby Jones, a male child, unnamed,  was held at Violet Town, Victoria on the 28th August 1896. He was the sixth child of Joseph Henry Jones and Bridget Lloyd


This deponent Bridget Jones upon her oath saith as follows:
I am the wife of Joseph Henry Jones of Violet Town, labourer. I am the mother of four boys, te eldest is 11 years of age. On Wednesday last, the 26th inst, about 7 in the morning, I was confined of a male child. The child lived till about 2 o’clock this morning. I had the doctor to attend me. Mrs. Elizabeth Hart attended in my confinement. The child was born at the full time. The child took no milk from me. The nurse gave him some milk in a spoon. We took every care of him. He had convulsions and I believed he died from them.

This deponent Elizabeth hart, upon her oath saith as follows:
I am a nurse at Violet Town. I attended Mrs. Jones in her confinement on last Wednesday the 26th, at about seven in the morning. She was delivered of a male child, whose dead body is now lying here. The child was very weak and I last saw him alive at about noon yesterday. I came to Mrs. Jones this morning about nine o’clock then saw him dead. Mrs. Jones told me the child has been bad all night with convulsions, that he died about two o’clock this morning. Up to the time I left, I took every care of the child. The child couldn’t suck, but took a little milk and water.

This deponent Charles Alfred Robertsonupon his oath saith as follows:
I am the Police Constable in charge of the police station at Violet Town. The death of the child whose body is now lying here was reported to me about seven this morning. I was informed that no doctor attended Mrs. Jones her confinement, and I reported the death to the Cornoner, W. Dobbin. I made full enquiry into the matter and have no reason for suspicion that the child died from other than natural causes.

This deponent Charles Joseph Tabelberg, upon his oath saith as follows:
I am a legally qualified medical practitioner at Violet Town. Today, I was called upon the examine the dead body of the child now lying here, who is spoken as the child of the witness Bridget Jones. It is a male child, newly born, and apparently at the full time. I believe it would have been born about the 26th as stated by the witnesses. the body presents the appearances of an emaciated and weakly child. From external examination, I found no marks of violence or otherwise to account for the death. I have heard the evidence of the several witnesses and from that and examination I believe the cause of death to be primarily bad nutrition and secondly convulsions.

Verdict:  The child died from convulsions.

source: VPRS 24/PO Unit 662 File 1896/1078

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  1. Such a sad story, and how difficult for the mother to have to attend such a heartbreaking inquest. I have a collateral relative whose husband died in an accident at work, as documented in his church record in Quebec. Your post reminds me that I need to seek the inquest record in his case.

    • If I were you I’d be looking for those inquest documents. You just never know what as yet unknown information could be contained within them

    Your blog has been included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

    Thank you, Chris

    So terribly sad..

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