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Journaling in July Day 9

July 10, 2019

My blogging friend Sue from SizzlingTowards 60 & Beyond has put out the challenge to bloggers to join in her Journaling in July Challenge challenge. Sue is not a genealogy or family history blogger. Her blog focuses on lifestyle issues at they relate to the midlife experience.  I mainly follow lifestyle bloggers on my other blog Next Phase In Fitness & Life . However I plan to join Sue in the July Challenge on this blog, as I feel their prompts will help to build up a story about myself that will be useful in creating my family story. As I look at the prompts, and how they apply to me and my life, I can see that some will be short posts and others much longer, some posts may even be just bullet points. I’d love you to take a look at Sue’s post for further information about the challenge.

Here in Central Victoria, July is usually one of the coldest months of winter, so as I will probably be spending more time indoors than usual, I plan to spend extra hours on my blogs. This challenge fits in perfectly with that plan.

Message from Sue: Here is the list of topics and I do hope that you will have some fun and enjoy this ‘challenge’ for July. Remember NO PRESSURE, some days you may find inspiration from the prompt and want to write and other days you won’t. I would also love to hear your feedback and perhaps you have some topics you could add to the list going forward.

Day 9: My Favourite Place

I fell in love with Fall’s Creek, in Victoria’s high country, immediately, the first time I went there in the mid 1980s. We had decided to take the kids for a fun weekend of toboganning in the snow.

This first weekend led to many, winter weekends at Falls Creek, as they came to love skiing. However there was no skiing for me due to my dodgy knees. I was very protective of my knees at the time, as I needed them to stay healthy because  I was an aerobics instructor, teaching far too many classes each week.

Visiting during the snow season only, for the first few years, I’m really not sure what it was that made me feel that this place would capture my soul, if I was to visit in the summer. I knew that it was becoming a popular place for hikers in the summer, and was keen to return at a much warmer time of the year. I looked forward to seeing those beautiful trees in all their glory, without a thick covering of snow. I wasn’t disappointed. After that first summer visit, we would go there every year in January to take much needed time out.

In those days, Falls Creek wasn’t well known as a summer destination, so it was very quiet with no hustle and bustle at all. Each day, I would go hiking, further up into the high country. My favourite hike was up to Craig’s Hut. The rest of the afternoon would be spent relaxing with a book. There was nothing more I could ask for!

I haven’t been there for a few years now, but this prompt has reminded me that it’s time for another visit….next summer hopefully

Craig,s Hut

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Graig’s hut is so picturesque that seeing it seems well worth the climb. I believe it’s important for genealogy bloggers to include some of their own story on their blogs. Glad you found this journalling challenge to help you get started.

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