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Thomas Waters 1829 – 1913

October 29, 2018

Thomas Waters was my great great grandfather. He was born on 05 October 1829, at the family farm, ‘Newtonbury’ Dunton, Bedfordshire, England.  He died on 28 June 1913 at Rochester, Victoria, Australia

Some years ago, I obtained from the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, letters that Thomas had written from Kyneton to his family in Bedfordshire, between 1862 and 1874. I have copies of these letters at hand. They make very interesting reading, giving a glimpse into the life of a battling newcomer to Australia and his difficulties in trying to support his family without economic or family support.  The homesickness Thomas is feeling for his family in England, is very obvious and heartbreaking to read. .
HSV Location: Box 79-2
Item Type: MSS Collection
Item No: MS000976

I have decided to publish these letters over a series of blog posts, in the hope that family members may see them and contact me. I am very interested to make contact with other researchers of this family, so we can compare notes about the Waters family. I have started compiling articles for a book detailing the life of Thomas Waters and his family, both in Australia and England. 

Following is a very brief timeline for Thomas Waters


06 June 1841
Age 11, living with parents at Newton Bury, Dunton

 15 January 1851
Took over license of the ‘Castle’, 98 Kent Street, Borough, St.George-the-Martyr

28 July 1852:  Gave up Licence at the Castle, Kent Street, St.George-the-Martyr Parish

Cir 1854:  Emigrated to South Australia

Cir 1854 – 55:  Working at Strathalbyn as a court bailiff

12 January 1857
Married Elizabeth Ann Cock in Strathalbyn, South Australia

1860:  Left South Australia and sailed to Melbourne.

Cir 1861:  Settled in the area of Kyneton, Victoria

18 November 1864:  Injured his left hand and lost the sight of his right eye in an accident involving blasting powder. Admitted to Kyneton Hospital.

30 December 1864:  Discharged from hospital

10 June 1865: Lost everything in house fire in Kyneton.

Mar 1865: Working for solicitor, George Booker, copying deeds, leases etc

Dec 1865: Received 100 pounds legacy which was used to buy a land and with a small house.

1868/70: Working as a clerk in Kyneton

1871: Working as a Commission agent in Kyneton

28 June 1913: Died at Rochester, Victoria, Australia

Thomas Waters

Thomas Waters 1829-1913

The first of the letters will be published in the next post



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  1. What a great photo! Whoever took it had a good eye.

  2. How wonderful to have letters written by a 2nd Great Grandparent.

  3. Geordie permalink

    Hi, my name is Geordie and I had just found out that he maybe my great great great grandfather after talking to my grandfather and grandma. And I’d like to look further into this

    • Geordie if you do a search on my blog there is more info. Can you tell me a bit more about who your great great grandparents are? I might be able to clarify for you

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