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Traditional Naming Pattern – Lloyd

September 21, 2018

My main area of research is my TAYLOR family. John and Martha lived in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. They married in 1839, and arrived in Australia in 1841/42

Martha’s maiden name was Lloyd, a very common surname, in the area where they lived in Wales. They had a large family of twelve children. The first two sons were born in Wales and a further ten children were born in Victoria, Australia.

Each of their sons was given the second Christian name Lloyd. This was to begin a traditional naming pattern that would to continue in every family of each generation to come.

Children of John Taylor and Martha Lloyd:

James Lloyd TAYLOR

John Lloyd TAYLOR

William Lloyd TAYLOR



Thomas Lloyd TAYLOR

Charles Lloyd TAYLOR

George Lloyd TAYLOR

Henry Lloyd TAYLOR



Arthur Lloyd Taylor

It’s interesting to note that none of the girls have been given second Christian names. This tradition also continues in future generations though not to the extent of the Lloyd tradition.

Almost every male child in every generation since has been given the second name of Lloyd. The tradition continued as recently as the generation before me.

My father was named Thomas Lloyd Jones. All of his brothers, were given Lloyd as their second name. It made no difference that their surname was Jones. My father’s mother was Emily TAYLOR.

Lloyd isn’t a really common Christian name, so this naming pattern has at times been an advantage when researching the family. However, in the earlier generations, families were large, and usually the same Christian names were used in each family. Just keeping track of who belongs to who, and to which generation can be very challenging at times.

Do you have any unusual naming patterns in your family? If you belong to the Taylor family, I’d love to hear if this naming tradition continues today. . I love it when you comment and promise to reply to all comments.

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  1. Gordon Longridge permalink

    Jenny, as far as I know the Lloyd tradition stopped at my Uncle Lloyd of Yarrawonga. Second name used as first name in his case. He had 5 sons so I could be wrong.

    I apologize for not reading your every post but do enjoy the occasional visit.

  2. Ivan Waters permalink

    Hi Jennifer, my mother was a Jones from Barkley St Ballarat. Ivan Waters

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. I have some people with their maternal surname as their middle name, but it’s not consistent in any family. That would make it too easy for me haha!

    • Having a common can make research easier. But this family all have the same Christian names in each generation making research a bit of a nightmare

  4. In our extended family tree, I have found a Robert Ap David Lloyd, born 1669 in Llanfor, Wales. Lloyd occurs as a given name in our tree as well.

    • That’s so interesting Aleksandra. I haven’t gone back to 17th century with this family but if I get there and find a Llanfor connection, I’ll let you know. Thanks for visiting

  5. In one extended branch of my family, a child in mid 19the century had as his middle name, the surname of the minister Rev. Ingram. The Ingram name was passed down the generations to this day. It does helps to distinguish them, as their surname is Smith! In another branch of many sons, they all named their first born son after the grandfather – the result five John Brynings living at the same time in the same area – a nightmare to distinguish each line!

  6. Was this naming pattern unique to your family, or was it common in the area where you’re from?

  7. Climbing My Family Tree permalink

    Some of my husband’s family used the mother’s maiden name as a middle name, others not. No consistency. Makes it more of a challenge to match kids with parents in older generations!

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