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#AtoZChallenge U is for Unhappy vs Happy

April 24, 2018

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual challenge put out to bloggers to publish a post from A-Z every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. The theme I have chosen for 2018 is The Story Of Me

U is for Unhappy. Or Happy? You choose. My philosphy in life is that you have a choice. You can choose to be happy. Or you can choose to be unhappy.  If you choose not to be happy then you have to face the negative consequences that brings. I know that sometimes we face dreadful things in our lives, that make the choice to be happy very difficult. And it’s not always possible to choose to be happy. But I think that if we strive to choose happy over unhappy, then we will generally be a happier person. For me, choosing to be happy most of the time makes it easier for me to accept the things that make sad. That’s not to say that I’m never sad. I certainly do have my sad moments, as most people do. But knowing I have that choice does help me to move on from the upset quite quickly.

I can only go by my own experience in this, and I do understand that for some, making this choice is extremely difficult. But after years of angst over one thing and another, I decided that I would prefer to choose to be happy. Happiness can open up new possibilities. Happiness  is much more bearable than unhappiness.  I find choosing to be happy is beneficial for my health. When I’m feeling sad, I don’t want to exercise. I usually just want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the world. Fortunately, these feelings don’t get on top of me very often.

On the occasions that I’ve chosen to be unhappy, my mood deflates, I start to think negative thoughts and generally I don’t feel well at all. These days, I can usually shake myself out of it fairly quickly, by giving myself a talking to and choosing happiness instead. When I do this, I notice, that my mood lifts immediately. I have more energy. I sleep better and I feel much, much better than I felt when I was unhappy.

I realise that our happiness is also determined by our genetics, our environment and our upbringing.  If you would like to read more about this, then I would suggest the research in The Science of Happiness as  a good place to start. There is no science at all in this blog post. I must stress that it is just my opinion.

I really think life is about choices. Not only in relation to happiness, but also for many other challenges life throws at us. It’s my opinion that we can choose which emotion to go with. I don’t say it’s easy in the moment of conflict or upset to choose to be happy. There are times when it’s impossible to do that in the moment. In those times, I try to just recognise my upset for what it is, be with it for a while. And all being well, then when the feeling passes, I’m usually able to choose to be happy again.

*The above comments are not advice, they are just my experiences on how I manage upsets. This may not work for many and I don’t suggest that it does. This is just my approach which forms part of  The Story Of Me,

  1. So true, Jen and we are so alike. I’m experiencing some personal issues at the moment and there are days when I just don’t feel I can face it. After feeling sorry for myself I hop onto the blog and make myself respond to comment. I make myself exercise because I know it will make me feel better. It is our choice to be happy or unhappy and it is unrealistic to think we should be happy all the time because that is not life. However, having a positive attitude helps cope with the unhappy days xx

    • I love your positive attitude Sue. I’m so pleased that you understand what I’m trying to say about making a choice to be happy

  2. Great points Jen, it’s all about our attitude.

  3. Good for you Jen! I did the same, chose to be happy. The times that something bad/sad/overwhelming happens, I allow myself to wallow over it, then give myself a boot in the pants and make an attitude adjustment.

    My A to Z Genealogy Challenges

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