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#AtoZChallenge S for Shepparton

April 21, 2018

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an challenge put out to bloggers to publish a post from A-Z every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. The theme I have chosen for 2018 is The Story Of Me

S is for Shepparton, a large rural city in northern Victoria and my hometown. Shepparton seems to be quickly growing. My entire life was lived in Shepparton and I moved away in 2006.  Each time I go back to visit, the town seems to be increasing in size and density of housing.

Shepparton is a large agricultural and manufacturing area. The agricultural farming areas surrounding Shepparton are very fertile and perfect for all types of farming, but mostly sheep and dairy farming.  Farming, in the Goulburn Valley is mostly done using irrigation, and is now one of the largest irrigation areas in Australia.

Shepparton is also a large fruit growing area, and considered to be the Fruit Bowl of Victoria. There are many orchards surrounding the city, and tomato and vegetable  growing are huge industries in the area. Due to the intensive growing of food, Shepparton is known as the ‘food bowl of Victoria’.

When I think of Shepparton, I think of the orchards which surround the city.  In summer, we would drive out to the orchards and buy freshly picked fruit. That is something that I’ve missed, since leaving.

The city of Shepparton today is a large modern, multi-cultural city, which services a population of almost 70,00 in the Greater Shepparton area. The dense population on the farms and outlying areas have necessitated Shepparton being a larger shopping area than would normally be expected for a city of its size.

There are no old historic buildings, as they were unfortunately pulled down in the 1950s and replace with new structures. The old photo below shows the beautiful old Post Office that controversially was pulled down.


The city council  has developed a great system of walking and cycling trails in recent years, centred around both the Goulburn and Broken rivers.

The State Forest between Shepparton and it’s neighboring town, Mooroopna has also been upgraded into very good walking and cycling trails. The lake which is almost in the centre of town, and it’s surrounding walking tracks has been rejuvenated in recent years, a little controversially, due to the many trees that were removed. But the end result is great, user friendly parkland.

Shepparton 1

Visitors to Shepparton will notice the many life size 3D, brightly painter, fibreglass cows that are scattered around the parks and in the streets. These cows are all part of the Mooooving Art Herd.

These cows have appeared for many years now, and bring many visitors to the area. You can read more about them here.  The cows definitely are a talking point to both visitors and residents.

Cows in the field

Aussie Flag Cow

Please visit again to see my story unfold. 



  1. We visited the Shepparton art gallery a couple of years ago. It has a terrific pottery collection. We admired the cows 🙂
    Shepparton is getting a new art gallery building soon which should be very exciting.

  2. I love the cows Jennifer. We had Koalas throughout the Gold Coast for a time and of course during the Commonwealth Games we had the mascot, Borobi dotted at various points along the Gold Coast such as Southport Parklands and Surfers Paradise. Pity about the historic buildings, I would love places to keep some of the heritage. It is too late when they have been pulled down.

  3. They have cows painted in all manner of designs in the SW of WA too Jennifer – it’s a real tourist attraction and I know people who visit every town that has one so they can have a picture of each. A friend of mine also took on a knitting project where she knitted a replica of each one – now that’s talent!

    Leanne |
    S for Stop Procrastinating

    • That is talent Leanne.! Interesting to hear that you have cows in WA. Shepparton locals didn’t like them at all at first but have come to love them

  4. They had colourfully painted cows all over Calgary (nickname cowtown) in Alberta for a long time. After, they were herded up and sold at auction, the money for charity.
    My home town will never grow as it is on an island and surrounded on three sides by water and the other by a highway, cutting it off from the rest of the island. Sometimes I go back to visit friends and to see the house my dad built.

    My A to Z Genealogy Challenges

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