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# AtoZChallenge Q is for Quest

April 19, 2018

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual a challenge put out to bloggers to publish a post from A-Z every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. The theme I have chosen for 2018 is The Story Of Me

 Q is for Quest. The dictionary defines a quest as:  a search or pursuit made in order to obtain something. 

So for this challenge Q is for Quest.  I had decided when in the planning stages for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge that my word would be Quest and it would be fitness related. I was ok about the topic but not really as happy as I’d like to be. I felt I had posted enough about fitness but was struggling to come up with another topic.

That was until I saw blogger friend Denyse’s Moving House Stories. After reading Denyce’s post, a huge lightbulb went off in my brain. I had it! This was my Quest. My Quest to Settle. Until today I hadn’t given any thought to the amount of times I’ve moved over the years, or even the reasons for the moves. In my mind, it was just life.

Life for me was very settled until my marriage. It’s only while thinking about this topic, that the realisation came to me that the quest to improve our situation and become upwardly mobile had us move many times during our 33 year marriage. I had never really thought about that until now.

See for yourself. Here are our moves and the reasons why we moved.

Move No 1

After our marriage we moved into a tiny one bedroom flat that was converted from a garage, in the back yard of a lovely Dutch family. This was a great start for us as the flat was cheap and the family were a pleasure to be around.

Move No 2

Our first home that truly belonged to us, and our first terrifying mortgage. Our first child was born while living here, and I have great memories of him as a baby in this house. We were only in there for about two years, when we decided to start our own business. To make it less worrying, we sold this fairly new house, at a huge profit, and bought a very old run down house which would mean a tiny mortgage. Hopefully this would reduce the stress of the new venture,

Move No 3

Our second child was born while we were living in this house. The business took off very quickly and it was only a couple of years until we decided to move to a more upmarket house. The plan had been to renovate the old house, but we decided that was no longer an option with the realisation that the renovation would have been huge, and meant we would have over capitalised. Also, after living there, we were sure that the house wasn’t in an area where we wanted to bring up our children.

Move No 4

This was a much nicer house, which had been renovated in recent years. Our third and last child was born while we were living in this house. The house was in an older but quiet area with lovely, friendly neighbours. I was very happy here. Our family was growing and life, though very busy, was happy. The business was growing and becoming quite successful so we decided it was time to go more upmarket.

Move No 5

This move was to a large and very modern brick home. I can remember our excitement at having an ensuite, a family room and four bedrooms. I think we were quite proud that our business had succeeded and had been able to fund a much larger mortgage to buy this house, which was way beyond anything we would have dreamed about in our first few years of marriage.  We would probably have stayed in this house but circumstances denied us this. I don’t mean to sound mysterious, but all will be explained in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge post for the letter T. So please, do come back and read about it there.

 Move No 6

This was temporary accomodation in a self contained unit in a caravan park for three months. It was pretty awful really and not at all a convenient place to house a family. It seemed much longer than three months that we lived here.

Move No 7

With much excitment, we then moved to what was then our dream home.  A four bedroom double story home on 2 acres. It was a fabulous place to bring up children. We had a swimming pool installed and stayed there for five very happy joyful years. As the children became older they wanted to be in town closer to their friends and activities such as sports interests. So again we were on the move.

Move No 8

This was an interesting move that brought with it many challenges. We decided to buy a very run down house that had been condemned by the local council. We could see the potential, and wanted to do a huge renovation, to bring the house back to life. The house had been two houses joined together so when it was opened up, it was huge. The renovation was successful and we all loved the house and loved living right in the centre of town. As the children became older and started to go out at night,  our house was the one that their friends were attracted to, as it was close to entertainment venues. On Sunday mornings I wouldn’t know until they revealed themselves, how many slept over at our house. But I didn’t care. I was happy that our children were coming home to us and was happy to have any of their friends stay at anytime. It was open house to them. Eventually as the children left home, we were alone in this huge family home with so many memories, both happy and sad. Time to move again.

Move No 9

This time we had a new architecturally designed house, built for us on 8 acres. This new house was about 45 minutes drive out of town, and overlooking a huge lake with very few neighbours. We didn’t mind the long drive to work, as we felt that we were making preparations for retirement. We looked forward to spending our retirement years here. I set up a huge garden which I spent hours working on. It was my pride and joy and I loved every minute of being out there. Unfortunately this peaceful paradise only lasted for six years when due to Divorce, I was forced to move again. The next move wasn’t as happy as all previous moves.

Move No 10

This move was to a rented house in Bendigo, about an hours drive away. I decided to rent while I decided if I liked this new city enough to stay.

Move 11

Once I had decided to stay I bought a brand new town house off the plan and lived there with my dogs for about two years. I had to choose this house very quickly, as my rental agreement was almost over. I couldn’t really settle here, as I didn’t love the area and there was much I didn’t like about the house. Time to move again.

Move No 12

This move was to a brand new house that I’d had built. I had chosen the plan, and made the changes I wanted to make to it. I had great fun making the many colour and appliance choices. I loved this house and was very happy there. Things had become serious with my new partner and I was on the move again

Move No 13

This move was to my partner’s house in Axedale, a small community which I loved and still love. I felt at  home in this welcoming community immediately. But it was soon time for us to move on to a property that was a new start for both of us. We wanted to give off the grid living a try, and so had to move out of Axedale to an area about 20 minutes away.

Move 14

We have moved to a mud brick house on 20 acres of bushland which is off the grid, as we wanted, and totally self sufficient. I posted about where we live in L is for Love

Hopefully this will be my last move ever. That would be my dream. My greatest wish is to be able to stay here until my last day on this earth.

Thanks Denyse for providing the inspiration for this post. I would love you to check out Denyse’s Moving House Stories.

Please visit again to see my story unfold. 


  1. That is an awful lot of moves. I have moved only once since being married but it was a big move from Canberra to Ballarat. I mostly haven’t regretted it though I miss family and friends.


  2. Great idea for a blog post, or in my case for a series of posts. As an Army family we had multiple moves often with little choice re housing. So glad you are happily settled now, thanks for shating your stories.

  3. Oh my goodness Jennifer you have had many moves. I can certainly understand why you want to settle. I love it when you write a post and aren’t sure of what to write and then you have a light bulb moment. I’ve been finding this throughout the AtoZ Challenge. x

  4. Denyse Whelan Blogs permalink

    Wow. I was reading with huge interest…just wow again. But it does seem right are OK and settled. I haven’t written my second part yet..and it contains some sad for me bits! Thank you so much for sharing and pop on over any Monday to my blog where I have a weekly linky called #lifethisweek and link a post old or new as I would love to keep in touch there too. This was a great read….but it is your life story!! Denyse x

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