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#AtoZChallenge M for Memories

April 14, 2018

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual challenge put out to bloggers to publish a post from A-Z every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. The theme I have chosen for 2018 is The Story Of Me

When I think of my childhood memories, I immediately think of my grandparents. They were a big presence in my life as they lived close by. In my mind as a small child, we saw them most days but that could be my memory playing tricks. I loved to stay overnight at my grandparents. Mainly because my grandmother cooked poached eggs for us for breakfast. I always thought that was a real treat. The thing is that we would be pulled out of bed at about 5.30am, (or so it seemed) to eat those poached eggs. Maybe that’s where I get my love of the early hours from.

My grandfather was the caretaker at the Shepparton Showgrounds, and they lived in a house that was attached to the grounds. As a child, the showgrounds were our back yard. I loved to watch the blacksmith at work. I would stand there for ages.

We also spent hours trying to catch one of the many rabbits that would run under a building near the house. My grandfather told us to put salt on their tail, as it slowed them down and made them easy to catch. My sister and I spent hours, lying on our tummies with a handful of salt, trying to get close enough to a rabbit to put salt on his tail. It really wasn’t until I was, probably very close to adult age that the penny dropped and I suddenly realised his trick.

There was much excitement, when the three day Shepparton Show arrived. My grandfather, was always able to get free ride tickets for us. Actually, now that I write this, a thought popped into my head that perhaps they weren’t free. We were able to go in and out to the show for free, as often as we liked, so we had no shortage of friends at showtime.

One of my very vivid memories of the show was the monkeys that were dressed in little boy clothes and rode bikes around a ring, to entertain the people who would crowd into a big tent to watch. Thinking about it now, I feel so sorry for those poor monkeys, but at the time it was accepted that this was ok. The monkey tent was next door to my grandparents empty chook house, which we played in occasionally. One Sunday morning, when I was about seven or eight,  I went out to the chook house very early to play. Can you imagine my excitement, when I saw a monkey sitting on the chook perch! I remember being surprised that he wasn’t wearing his pants and shirt. I walked over to pat him, and shock, horror, he reached out and scratched me quite hard. I ran into the house screaming that a monkey was in the chook house but of course by the time my grandparents got out there, the monkey was gone and nobody believed me. But I did have a vicious looking scratch to prove my story.


We would also spend hours riding our bikes around the showgrounds. To this day, I’m a keen cyclist and feel almost like a child, when I ride. I’m very sure that my love of cycling comes from those early years.

When I think of my first memory, I remember the Christmas that Santa brought me my first big bike. I was three years old, and it was a three wheeled trike. I remember being very excited and  riding it on Christmas morning, up and down our hallway. I think I was a bit confused, as I was sure I’d get into trouble, as I never would have been allowed to do that normally.

When I think of it, many of my childhood memories involve riding a bike. My friends and I used to ride our bikes all over town. In those days, there was never any thought to safety or danger. We just did it, and our parents didn’t mind as long as we were home at 6pm for tea. In the summer, we would eat quickly and take off again. Once again all was ok as long as we were home by dark.

How times have changed! I’m really happy that I grew up in the era I did, when life was free and easy and without too many worries.

Clothesline, Laundry, Clean, Clothes

Please visit again to see my story unfold. 


  1. I love poached eggs too. I think memories often include food. The memory of Freedom ring a bike is very special too.


    • It is strange though to Ne the small things I remember. I’m sure I’ve forgotten most that’s important

  2. Riding a bike – I hate spell checks

  3. Our grandparents died before we were born and my children only had my Mum for four years. That is why I’m very I loved with my grandson. It is Suh a special relationship. I remember getting a trike for Christmas and riding up and down the hallway too. Simpler times but happy times xx

  4. Great memories Jennifer – my grandparents only played a small role in my life but I’m hoping that our grandchildren will have fond memories of us – even though they don’t see us all the time. I try to make our granddaughter’s visits special so we are happy thoughts for her (I think our cats make us more popular than anything else!) And yes, bikes and childhood go hand in hand don’t they?

    Leanne |
    M for Make It Happen

    • I don’t get to see my grandchildren as often as I would like either Leanne. Remembering my grandparents makes me feel a bit sad about that

  5. Mummy's Monkey permalink

    Such happy memories. Sounds like you had some great times

  6. I agree Jennifer, times have changed since we rode our bikes all over the place and nobody worried about us. I have many similar memories of riding my bike and still ride today.

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