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#A-ZChallenge L is for Love

April 13, 2018

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual challenge put out to bloggers to publish a post from A-Z every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. The theme I have chosen for 2018 is The Story Of Me

L is for Love , but not the lovely dovey kind of love that you have might expected to read here.  This post of love, is to look at why I love where I live.

We live on 20 acres of bushland, 25k outside Bendigo. If you were to step outside our front gate, you would be in the Greater Bendigo National Park, so there are many kilometres of bushwalking and trail riding available. What’s not to love about that!

Our house is mud brick, more of a cottage cottage really. We are completely off the grid, so rely on solar power only, but with a back up generator. We are totally self sufficient here with solar power and tank water. We don’t sit here in the dark, as some people at first think when they hear we’re off the grid. Our house is powered much the same as any house that is connected to a power company. We are just a little more careful with our usage than most. A huge bonus is that we don’t have any power bills at all

Our property is protected by a Trust for Nature   covenant. This means that we have agreed to protect native plants and wildlife on our property, for future generations. This is something that I love about our property. As well as living here, and enjoying all we have around us, we are also looking after it for the future. This is our small way of helping to lessen our footprint on the world.

I mentioned the garden in my I for Iris post, but have to give it another mention here, as I’m loving developing it from a weed infested neglected garden, into what I hope will be a beautiful cottage garden one day.  Gardening is a bit of a challenge here at times, as we don’t have town water. But we have two dams and I recycle water from the washing machine onto the garden.

We have three spoilt dogs who are our family. More coming on them in a future post. There are also the twelve spoilt chooks. I love their eggs, of course but they are not only egg laying machines. Chooks are fantastic pets, all with their own different personalities. I could while away hours watching them as they roam free outside our garden. At first I let them in the garden, after I read that they are great weeders. It’s true. They definitely are great weeders. But there is a catch. They don’t differentiate between weeds and plants. They just rip it all out! So as much as I love them,they are now banned from the house garden. Don’t feel sorry for them, they are roaming free on more space than they could ever want or need.

The O’Keefe Rail Trail trail is close by, so I love riding my trail bike there. I also have a road bike. Road roading is my favourite type of cycling,  but I’ve lost my nerve a bit, after having time off the bike with injuries. I need to get back out there on the road and get my nerve back. And I need to do it soon as I do miss it.

My gym definitely comes under the heading of love. We had it built when we moved here. I already had most of the equipment, but a few extra pieces were added, to make it perfect. You will find me in there most early mornings. After hours and hours spent working out in gyms over the years, I absolutely love doing my own thing by myself.

So, after a tough few years, there is now much in my life that I love. I do realise how fortunate I am, and give thanks every day that life is now on an even keel as I head into the last third of my life.

#AtoZChallenge 2018 L

Please visit again to see my story unfold. 


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  1. A lovely bit of bush.
    We talked to one woman who relied on solar power. It was fine except for ironing. She could only iron on a very sunny afternoon.

    • It’s the same here Anne. Ironing can be a problem. I try to do a bit each day. A big basketful would definitely set it off

  2. What a gorgeous location Jennifer and plenty of opportunity for biking, hiking, running and walking. It certainly is a place to love and can’t wait to see photos of your cottage garden. Also, this must be the 100th time I’ve said it but I am so envious of you and covet your home gym! 🙂

  3. I can totally understand why you love it 😊

  4. I didn’t realize you had so much land and lived off the beaten track Jennifer. It sounds like a lovely place and I hope you’re going to share more of your home and garden with us as the weeks go by. No power bills sounds delightful!

    Leanne |
    L for Love Yourself

  5. Kathy Marris permalink

    I love the description of your mud brick home in the bush with your dogs and chooks. I actually spent the first 23 years of my life living in Kangaroo Flat on acreage and bushland around me. It was such a great upbringing. Maybe we went to school together?

    • That’s a coincidence Kathy. Iv went to school in Shepparton but when I first moved to Bendigo I lived in Kangaroo Flat

      • Kathy Marris permalink

        We lived on the outskirts of Kangaroo Flat on Melbourne Road up until circa 1974, then moved further into town until 1980, when I headed north to the Gold Coast.

  6. What a wonderful place to live. I love nature. Not so crazy about biking, but I love hiking. You’re very lucky!

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