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#AtoZChallenge F for Family

April 6, 2018

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual challenge put out to bloggers to publish a post from A-Z every day in April, except for Sundays. April 1 is A, and so on throughout the month. The theme I have chosen for 2018 is The Story Of Me

My parents are Thomas Lloyd Jones and Eunice Morrison.   In 2008  my daughter wrote an article for a book about my father and it included his memories of how he met my mother. The book is called Lines of Wisdom. Click here  to read the article that was published on the blog in 2011

My father passed away in 2013 and I do really miss him. I think of him often, especially on days that I’m struggling. On those days, I’m sure he would tell me to get over it and get on with it as there is no point in dwelling on the past. I think Dad had this attitude due to his tough early life.

This is usually my attitude to life also, but sometimes, I do have days where I feel like dwelling on past mistakes and problems. Just for a little while. But having said that, I’m fairly sure that I usually shake myself out of it quickly and move on.

I am the oldest of three girls. My sisters are Debra Lyn and Kristen Joy. Kristen has two boys and a girl – Kerrie, Timothy and Christopher. Debbie has three daughters – Naomi, Kirby and Sophie.

My children are:
*    Steven John Dempster born in 1974
*    Craig Geoffrey Dempster born in 1977
*    Lisa Joy Dempster born in 1979

Lisa Steven and Craig

The best time of my life was when my family was young. I loved having young children and I loved the fun we had together. In those days, even though life always seemed to be hectic, I was happy.  In both the busy times and the quiet times. We were fortunate not to have behavioural problems or dramas with our kids. I always felt very proud that as teenagers, they were happy to be with us. I will never forget those years and the precious memories that we made.

My son Steven, and his wife Kellie have given me three beautiful grandsons – Jake, Lucas and Hudson. They  live in my old hometown of Shepparton, so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. Each time I see them, I’m really aware of how quickly they are growing up.

Hudson Lucas and Jake

One of my biggest regrets is that since my Divorce, I rarely get to see my family, due to distance and also in some cases, I think, due to upsets that the divorce caused. Working also causes difficulties in getting back to Shepparton often.

I now have a new partner and we are having lots of fun creating new memories together.

Please visit again to see my story unfold. 


  1. I’m loving getting to know you more each day Jennifer. It is a shame that divorce can sometimes mean estrangement. I’m so lucky that my ex and I remain friends so the children didn’t really suffer. It is also hard not being close in proximity to your family. My son lives 10 minutes away and my daughter, SIL and grandson live about the same distance in the opposite direction. I am very happy to be able to see them regularly. On a positive note for you, you have a partner to enjoy life with and that is what we all deserve. Go have some Fun!
    Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond
    E is for Embracing Life
    F is for Fun

  2. Such wonderful memories. I try to cherish every waking moment while they are so young, so much so I give myself over anxiety over it! 😉

  3. I understand how you feel about not seeing the grandchildren as much…. both of my children did live about 15 minutes in opposite directions, but last month my son moved a thousand miles away. It was so hard to say that last goodbye, knowing I can’t see him at the moment anymore, but I’ll be visiting soon and hopefully, we’ll be able to go a few times a year. Divorce does strange things to families, but things will settle out more for you.again.. so meanwhile enjoy your new life.

    • Thanks Jeanne. I hope you get to see you grandchildren soon. It is heartbreaking not seeing. Hoping to see mine in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed

  4. I met my new guy at that sailboat place I told you about! We are having a great second life, boating and traveling. My closest daughters live 1000 miles away, the other 2 further. I see them maybe twice a year. Thank heaven for facetime!
    It’s not always a bad thing to think about the past and what happened to get you where you are… it’s also what made you who you are. Everything that happens in your life changes you. The one thing I remember is when my ex told me I’d changed. My answer? I hope so!

    My Genealogy Challenges

    • Dianne I also met my new partner at work! Your new life sounds fabulous. This series has caused me to think about the past more than I ever have. I agree, it’s not such a bad thing

  5. Such a great insight into your family background Jennifer – and into your children and grandchildren. Our two kids were great as well – no tantrums in the shopping centres, no teenage angst (well not too much) and they’ve become fantastic adults – I think when your kids turn out well you’re entitled to give yourself a little pat on the back for all the effort you put in.

    Leanne |
    F for Family and Friends

  6. I really enjoyed life when my daughter was small, reminded me that I actually hadn’t changed but put everything on the backburner. Now she’s grown up it is different but it’s like having a trusted friend. We know each other so well and I know I can rely on her if no one else. Interesting post.

  7. A great post for F! Your story is unfolding nicely 😊 I have to say that it’s funny your sister Debbie having three daughters as well as the same name as me, as I also have three daughters!!

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