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#AprilAtoZChallenge – C for Edward CALNAN

April 4, 2017

C is for Calnan, Edward

EDWARD CALNAN was born at Violet Town on 10 December 1867. His parents were WILLIAM CALNAN and ELLEN BOYLE. Edward was the second youngest of twelve children.

On 18 April 1894 Edward married EMILY MAY BODLEY at 430 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

On 16 December 1894, just eight months after his marriage, Edward passed away when he drowned in the Broken River, just a short distance from his home.

From Euroa Advertiser Friday 21 December 1894

Calnan Edward death newspaper

Sad Death by Drowning. On Sunday last, in company with a few others, Mr. E. Calnan, a young man well known in the Violet Town district, went with others for a bathe in the Broken River. A young lad, getting into a whirl- pool, called out that he was drowning, and Mr. Calnan went to his assistance. Before he reached him, however, the lad managed to get out, and Calnan in turning back was suddenly seized with cramp, and before anyone could reach him he sank. On this being made known to the neighbours, willing hands set to work to recover the body, which it was feared would not be found, as the river was running very strongly after the recent rain. Mr. W. Grattan, M.L.A., spent a great part of Monday in diving, though the water was cold; but without success. It was not until Wednesday, when the river subsided, that the body was found, and then it was got about eight chains down the stream from where he sank, in the branches of a tree. The funeral, which took place yesterday, was an exceedingly large one. Father Tobin being unable to attend, Mr. J. McDermott read the burial service.

Vic Birth Certificate 6051
Vic Marriage Certificate 3811
Euroa Advertiser, 21 December 1894





  1. I enjoy a bit of family history as well. My ancestors came to Australia in the 2nd fleet (well some of them anyway) and we have lots of convicts as well as a good few preachers so we are saints and sinners. On my mother’s side I am 7th generation Australian but my dad’s parents were born in the UK. Love finding out bits of history.

    • Philipa your family history sounds interesting. Lots of convicts is a good thing, as there is usually good records available for them.

  2. How very sad though it seems risky to swim if the river was running so high.

    Visiting from A to Z and Aust Family History Bloggers

    C is for caught in Caen during the Reign of Terror

    Anne Young
    Anne’s family history

  3. Hi Jennifer Jones, I am conducting a project involving the research of the Irish Famine Orphans who arrived aboard the Lady Kennaway at Williamstown, Melbourne on 16 December 1848, and believe Ellen Calnan nee Boyle, the wife of William, the mother of Edward, was the aunt of murder victim Ellen Chute. Ellen Calnan gave evidence of being the aunt of Ellen Chute at the inquest. Further it was with Ellen Calnan that Ellen Chute and her baby were residing on the day of her murder. I have attempted to aceess any material you have on Calnan without success.

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