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A-Z Challenge

February 15, 2017

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

As 2017 is very quickly moving along, I have just realised that it won’t be long until the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is here again.

So time to start thinking about a theme. Or will I go themeless this year, just for something different? Haven’t decided yet, so do stay tuned.

2017 will be the third year that I have done the challenge, and I really do enjoy it, even though it is quite challenging to keep up with the daily posts. Of course, if I was more organised by the time the challenge began, then the month of April would be much less hectic. This will be the year for organisation. Though I do seem to remember saying that last year.

I love the connection with other bloggers, during the challenge, which unfortunately, I tend not to continue after the challenge is over. This year, I have promised myself to make more connections and continue them.

The themes that other bloggers choose always interest me. It’s great to see the varied topics and passions of bloggers, that I would not otherwise come across.

Stay tuned for the official theme reveal which will happen soon.

  1. I promised myself I would be more organised this year however I hav not done more than collect a few bits. Looks like I will writing last minute.

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