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Happy New Year

January 2, 2017


by Robert Storey

There was gloom, there was grief, in the year that is sped;

But ’tis gone, and we will not speak ill of the dead!

Many joys it has left us, in friends that are dear;

And we’ll wish one another a happy new year!

Many joys it hath left us, but some it has ta’en—

There were faces we never shall look on again;

Kind hearts, ever ready to welcome and cheer,

That now cannot wish us a happy new year!

And some we must think of, the friends of our soul.

Though far they may be from our board and our bowl;

We know they have hearts that are warm and sincere;

And we’ll wish them, though absent, a happy new year!

For those that are with us—their glances attest

That the same tide of feeling is high in each breast;

That one chain of kindness links all that are here,

As we wish one another a happy new year!

Then, old friend, take my hand; and be sure, when I clasp, “

There is heart in its pulse—there is soul in its grasp!

And, if you could doubt it, this truth-speaking tear

Will tell how I wish you a happy new year!



from: The Adelaide Observer, Saturday, 11 January, 1868, page 11



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