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Janet McEwan – My GG GMother -Found

June 19, 2016

Janet YOUNG was my great great  grandmother. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1824 and married my great great grandfather THOMAS JAMES JONATHAN McQUEEN in Launceston in 1844.

William and Janet had a large family of children. The first two were born in Launceston, before the moved to Victoria and settled in Collingwood, where Janet gave birth to a further eight children.

I lost track of Janet after the death of her husband in 1863. At the time of his death, their youngest child was just four years old and they were living in Fitzroy.  A younger child, a daughter, also died in 1863. Over the years,  I have tried to find her and had almost given up hope. Until recently!

I found her second marriage in the marriages index, which I had checked many times. Janet Young/McQueen married for a second time in 1873. She was listed on the index as Janet McEwan, and previously I hadn’t noticed this entry.

Janet McQueen or McEwan, as it was now written, married JAMES TAYLOR in 1873 at Broken Creek. To add to the confusion, her new husband had the same surname as her daughter’s husband. This sent me into a bit of a spin at first, until after checking, I found that he doesn’t  belong to the same Taylor family. His family came from Suffolk, England and our Taylor’s were from Wales.

The area, Broken Creek, the place of their marriage,  was where Thomas and Janet McEwan’s daughter, Janet had lived in earlier years, with her husband William Lloyd Taylor. I had noticed, many years ago, that there was a witness to their marriage named James Taylor. I had assumed that he must belong to the family of William, but couldn’t place him. I was sure it wasn’t William’s brother, James Taylor.

from: North Eastern Ensign, Benalla, Friday 03 October 1873, page 2

Taylor Triple Wedding
TAYLOR — McEWAN – On the 1st inst, at  Broken Creek, by the Rev. W. Gould, Mr. James Taylor, of Broken Creek, farmer ,  to Mrs. Janet McEwan, relict of Thomas McEwanm late of Fitzroy.

SANGER – TAYLOR On the 1st inst, at Broken Creek, by the Rev. W. Gould, Mr. John Sanger,  of Broken Creek to Miss Zillah Taylor, daughter of James Taylor,  of Broken Creek.

CROUCHER—TAYLOR .— On the 1st inst, at Broken Creek, by the Rev. W. Gould, Mr. James Croucher, of Glenrowan, to Miss Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of James Taylor of Broken Creek.





  1. Joanne permalink

    27/11/16 – Hi Jennifer, I am directly related to Janet Young and Thomas James Jonathan McEwan’s son, William McEwan born 1851, brother to your ancestor, Janet McEwan/McQueen. William married Elizabeth Popkins at Drayton near Toowoomba Qld in 1882 and spent time in South East Queensland until he died in 1929. They had 9 children and most seem to be named after William’s brothers and sisters – Alexander, Thomas, Janet, Robert, William. William’s background has been a complete mystery until I stumbled across a marriage notice in Trove, for Sarah Annie McEwan (Williams’s sister) referring to her late father Thomas James Jonathan McEwan from the West Indies. I don’t think I have any chance of knowing where to dig into the right places to find out how he got from being born in Jamaica to being in Tasmania then Victoria. Also so curious how his surname was spelt so many different ways. Anyway, all the best with your investigations and I hope you solve the mystery of Thomas James Jonathan McEwan. Kind regards, Joanne

    • Great to hear from you Joanne. I really haven’t done too much research on this line. I tend to think Thomas’ father was from Scotland originally, and went to the West Indies, perhaps as military. Hoping to put more research into this on 2017. I will check what info I have on William for you. Thanks for touching base

      • Joanne Denny permalink

        And lovely to hear from you too Jennifer. I’ll check into your site from time to time. Good luck with digging into Thomas James Jonathan McEwan, and good luck with your hand and wrist too. Kind regards, Joanne

        Sent from my iPad


  2. Hello Jennifer
    My grandmother was Mary McEwan, the second last child of William Lloyd Taylor and Janet McEwan. Thanks for finding out what happened to Janet Young. I knew she had married again but did not have any idea where she got to. I found the following on Thomas J J McEwan’s family. His father James McEwan, a Scot was a Corporal of 33rd Regiment in the British Army, which was known as the 33rd Foot Regiment (Jamaican Family Research Library – Genealogy Research Library). I think the Regiment later became known as “The 33rd” or “Duke of Wellington Regiment” (18 June 1853). He was stationed in Jamaica when he married Susanna Jackson (details unknown) on 16 January 1825 in Trelawny, Cornwall, Jamaica (Caribbean Marriages 1591-1905: Jamaica Easy System Batch No. 104099-9 Film 1291671). Their son Thomas James Jonathon McEwan was christened on the same day (Jamaica Births and Baptisms 1752 – 1920: Jamaica Easy System Batch No. 104099-9 Film 1291671). It seems another two sons were born in Jamaica, James in 1826 (no details) and John Alexander on 10 November 1830 (Jamaica Births and Baptisms 1752 – 1920: Jamaica Easy System Batch No. 103863-0 Film 1291711). The McEwan family came to Australia on the ship “Lavinia” which departed from Liverpool on 10 June 1832 (NSW Passengers List – Assisted Immigrants Passengers 1828-1896 Film 1 Page 3). James McEwan’s name is recorded in the ship’s passenger list but the rest of the family is recorded as the McEwan family. I don’t know when Susanna or James died. My grandmother told my mother that they were related to the McEwans who started up “McEwan’s” the Hardware store in Melbourne. A James McEwan started up this store. Thomas JJ McEwan is buried at Melbourne Cemetery under the name of McQuinn but his gravesite is located under the name Quin. All very confusing. He is buried with 3 of his children and four of his grandchildren named Lovelace.

    I need to mention as well, that during the time you were tracing John and Martha Taylor, I contacted Ian McBain (your cousin?) on Heritage Website regarding the Janet Taylor’s (McEwan) family and with my findings and Ian’s checking of his disks we completed the list of children. Ian gave me the link to your website then, but I never got around to acknowledge your very interesting visit to Pembrokeshire and Ian’s kindness in passing it on to me, so thank you both. Regards, Marcia Howe

    • Hi Marcia, Ijust can’t thank you enough for this information. I hadn’t started to research the McEwan/McQueen family. It’s been on my list for a while. This is such valuable information. Yes Ian is my cousin. I will actually be catching up with him tomorrow. Next week I will send you the info I have, quite small though it is. Thanks again.

  3. Only too happy to share the information. By the way, just to clarify my Grandmother’s name, she was Mary McEwan Taylor and her married surname was Hillas. It doesn’t matter how small your information is, it will be appreciated, as every piece of information helps to solve the jigsaw puzzle
    Regards, Marcia

    • Thanks Marcia. Yes I have your info about your grandmother. I will also check what info I have about her. Could you please send me your email so I can send you what I have. Thanks again

  4. Email is Thanks Jennifer, Marcia

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