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April A-Z Challenge: B is for Bundalong

April 2, 2016

I am back again for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge so have made the commitment to blog every day in April except the Sundays. Some bloggers choose a Theme, and others do random posts. For me, a theme works better, so them I’ve chosen for 2016 is Towns in Victoria. I will be choosing  towns with a relevance to my family history, where possible.



B is for Bundalong, a small town in Victoria, situated on the Murray River about 15 kilometres from Yarrawonga. Today Bundalong, with a population of about 600, provides a resort style lifestyle by the River.

Map from Yarrawonga VIC to Bundalong VIC


Image result for bundalong

 When my ancestors, the TAYLOR brothers, lived there in the late 19th and early 20th century, Bundalong was a rich, fertile, cattle grazing area.The children attended the Bundalong South State School.
Bundalong Presbyterian Church

Image: State Library of Victoria

  1. Jennifer I drove through Bundalong the other day for the first time for quite a few years and I hadn’t noticed before, but certainly did this time, how far out the Bundalong cemetery actually is from Bundalong itself. Although googlemaps says it is only just over 5 kms it seems much further. It is a very large area. I also didn’t realise that the area of Bundalong spanned all the way down to Boohmanoomoonah! (I just love that name 🙂

  2. The river looks so peaceful. I miss living with a view of the water.

    My Genealogy Challenges

  3. I love the sound of names of Australian towns.

  4. great photos.
    a-z challenge

  5. I really have spent very little time on that part of the Murray

  6. I drive through Bundalong regularly on my way to Yarra 🙂

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