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Geneabloggers Do Over Week 3

August 4, 2015


Screenshot_2015-07-05-00-48-17~2-1I have decided to participate in The Genealogy Do-Over, organised by  Thomas McEntee of Geneabloggers, This 12 week project has come along at exactly the right time for me. I have been thinking of how messy and disorganised my research materials and results have become, mainly due to the spasmodic and casual way I have approached my family history in recent years. It’s been doing my head in trying to decide where to start.

The topic for Week 3 is a favourite of most genealogists – research of course. We are asked to track our researchusing the interviews from Week 2 and our family group sheets, proving and disproving all information before recording it.

We are asked to create a Genealogy Research Log. We are given an example of a research log that has been successfully used. I am going to trial it this week, but am pretty sure that it will cover all that I need.

During the Do Over, I plan to revisit my paperwork, and make sure everything is entered imto my family history program correctly, and also ensure that sources are cited correctly and fully.


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