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Blaxland, Wentworth & Lawson

May 11, 2015

Yesterday, 11 May 2015,  was the anniversary of the day that explorers Gregory  Blaxland and William Wentworth and William Lawson set out from Sydney on their adventure to cross the Blue Mountains. It was hoped that there would be suitable farming and grazing land on the other side of the Blue Mountains. At the time there was a shortage of land around Sydney, that was sufficiently fertile for farming.

Their expedition through rugged bushland was successful and as a result, all three explorers were granted 1000 acres as reward for their success

The explorers are pictured below – left: William Lawson 1774-1850    right: William  Wentworth  1790-1872

below centre: Gregory Blaxland 1778-1853





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  1. I don’t know much about Sydney’s history so this was a nice little tidbit. 🙂

    Visiting from the A to Z Road Trip.

    Write with Fey

  2. Stopped by on the Challenge Road Trip today on a beautiful day in North Carolina. Turns out I started following you during the challenge, But had no notice of this May 11 post. The best way is to have an e-mail notification of your post. The other ways go unnoticed. I hope I won’t miss your future posts, but not feeling confident now. It is a fine blog that I congratulate you on. Come and see me if you have time and are in the mood for a road trip.

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