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April A-Z Challenge: Z is for Z GENERATION

April 30, 2015


I’m not sure about other family historians, but I do know that in my genealogy research and recording, I do tend to ignore the current younger generations a little – Generation Z. I can get quite excited when finding little snippets of information about my ancestors, and often get carried away with history, while ignoring what’s happening in the family now. A bad fault of mine, I know.


So today is the last day of the blogging challenge, and my Z post has caused me to think of the grandchilden. Of course, I do think of them often, but not usually in relation to family history. My challenge into the future is to find a family member from Gen Z to take over my research. I do worry a bit  about when I’m gone. Will someone come out of the woodwork and volunteer to be the family historian?

At the moment I see no evidence at all that such a person exists. Lots of eye rolling occurs when the subject of our ancestors is brought up. But most family historians suffer this. It’s a commonality we chat and laugh about when we get together.

Here are my 3 gorgeous grandsons. From left: Hudson, Jake & Lucas. A great Gen Z representation. But I am biased of course.









  1. Jemima Pett permalink

    I’m sure someone will come out of the woodwork and take over the reins. And you’re right about the history versus the now and future. But that will take care of itself. Securing the information from the past is important, and may not be able to wait.
    You might be interested in my Z post, project Zooniverse, which has one project looking at war diaries to preserve the key information for posterity, especially for family historians, as well as others.
    Congrats on completing your A to Z this year!

  2. I will look forward to further posts after the Challenge. Congrats for a well done blog.

  3. You came bak from your blogging sbbatical with a bang. Congratulations on reaching the finish line.

    • You’re right Jill. Congress lit fire again. Now just need to find extra time in the day to put it all into practice.

  4. So very true. My daughter’s not to interested, and I don’t have grandchildren and likely won’t so…no doubt the stories will go by the wayside. Sad………though I’ve enjoyed it, as have some of my sibs and my parents, even though Mom’s gone now. Congrats on finishing the challenge.

    • Thanks for your comment Sandy. Somehow we have to make sure our research gets to a genealogical or history society before being destroyed by the family.

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