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April A-Z Challenge – G is for Gilmour

April 8, 2015

GG is for GILMOUR ALEXANDER, my GGGGrandfather was born in Ireland. I have done very little research on this branch of the family so do not know any detail of time or exact place of birth.

Alexander married MARY McCLEHANNAY in Donegal Ireland in 1841. They emigrated to Australia in 1852, arriving at Point Henry, Victoria. Alexander was a farmer near Sebastapol, in the Ballarat area. He and Mary had 7 children, including my GGGrandfather, also named ALEXANDER.

The Gilmour family stayed for many years in the Ballarat area. Mary died in 1863, after which Alexander spent his elder years in Shepparton, probably to be closer to his daughter JANE, who was my GGMother and who I have lovely memories of.



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  1. There are several people doing family history. I know it takes time and is a lovely way to share pieces of yourself. Happy A to Zing

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