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Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas

December 15, 2012

010Today I went to Shepparton for my Grandson Lucas’ 3rd birthday party. Lucas was born on Christmas Day, so his Mum and Dad have created the tradition of having his party about a week before Christmas.

There was much excitement with big brother Jake, age 5, insisting on giving Lucas a hand to unwrap and play with his presents. Really made me think of when my boys were small, which really only seems like a few short years ago.

Lucas and Jake are lucky boys with many family members to spoil them. Especially 2 Nannies, 2 poppies, & 2 Great Grandmas and 1 Grandpop



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  1. Wow! … Lucas and Jake sure are lucky little boys to have all those doting grandparents and great grandparents 🙂 Beautiful cake and delightful photos. Happy 3rd birthday Lucas!!! Thanks for sharing. Best of wishes, Catherine.

    • Thanks Catherine. I agree, my grandchildren are very lucky to have so many grandparents and great grandparents in their lives.

  2. What a lucky young man he is to have so many rellies showering him with love.

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