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Family History Through The Alphbet : Letter N

November 9, 2012

The lovely folk at   Gould Genealogy  have  issued a challenge to genealogists and family historians. Their idea is The ‘Family History Through the Alphabet’ Challenge   We will work our way through the alphabet, using one letter each week  and discuss anything relating to our family history starting with that letter. This week is the Letter N.

N is for Newtonbury Farm at Dunton, Bedfordshire, England. This land was farmed by the family of my  Great Great Grandfather THOMAS WATERS  in the 19th Century. The photo at the side is the for sale notice that appeared when the farm was sold in 1909. At the time of the sale the farm had already passed from my family’s hands. The land in the area was very fertile and much used for growing vegetables. The house on the property was moated. Looking at google earth, it’s still possible to see markings on the land where the moat was situated, but unfortunately the house is not still standing.

As yet I’m not sure of the reason the property passed from my family’s hands but after the death of my Great Grandfather, his son WILLIAM took over the property. It seems that something went wrong and the property was sold just a few short years later.

  1. I just read about your Great Great Grandfather’s tough life he had here in Australia after immigrating. Was the sale of the Newtonbury Farm the reason for him immigrating, do you think? … It’s good to see you continuing with the “Family History Through the Alphabet” challenge Jennifer 🙂 I enjoy your posts. Thanks.

  2. So many families had that experience, didn’t they? The farm is held for generations, then all of a sudden, something happens and it’s gone.

  3. It is sad to hear when a longterm family farm is sold out of the family, but no doubt it is also the result of some major change in life, which can bring is own interesting story. The photos you’ve included are beautiful. Love those.

  4. Sharon permalink

    Hi Jennifer, I came across your blog while researching the history of the places and families of Dunton (& Newton) I’m really interested in the photos shown here, have you got any more details, dates etc..? I live in Dunton and my family are from the area, turns out my 3rd great uncle was a shepherd for Thomas Waters and lived at Newton Bury for some time!

    • Hi Sharon I’m so pleased to hear from you and that your ancestor was shepherd for Thomas Waters. I will check my photos for you but I don’t think there’s any info with them. These photos were given to me by a family member who has passed away. She did say that she found them in National Archives. I will check and definitely let you know if there is any info with them. Thanks for getting in touch.

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