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Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge: The Letter G

June 24, 2012

The lovely folk at   Gould Genealogy  have  issued a challenge to genealogists and family historians. Their idea is The ‘Family History Through the Alphabet’ Challenge   We will work our way through the alphabet, using one letter each week  and discuss anything relating to our family history starting with that letter. This week, being Week 7, is the letter G

G is for Glenshiel: My Great Great Grandfather, FARQUHAR FRANCIS MORISON was born in 1820 in GLENSHIEL, ROSS-SHIRE, SCOTLAND. Glenshiel is a small village in the highlands of Scotland. He came to Australia in 1848 on the ship “Blonde”.  His father WILLLIAM F. MORISON was schoolmaster in Glenshiel, as were most of his siblings. I suspect Farquhar was also a schoolmaster in Glenshiel, as he took over schooling duties on the voyage out here and took the position of schoolmaster at Heathcote, Victoria. The photos I’ve seen of Glenshiel show beautiful green landscapes. I often wonder what Farquhar Morison thought of our dusty, brown land when he arrived.

  1. Kerryn Riley permalink

    Hi Jennifer,
    I don’t know if I have contacted you before but I hope you don’t mind me doing it again. I have been tidying up my Waters album all afternoon and was looking for information on Elizabeth Macrow, Ernest Waters’ first wife when I came upon your site. I packed everything up and have spent the last few hours reading and enjoying.
    I am Blanche Waters grand daughter. I don’t think I would be any help with information for you as you have a lot more than me but if you have any questions about Blanche I will help if I can. She was such a lovely Grandma and I have a lot of great memories of her, especially of her teaching me to knit which I still love doing.
    I am interested in the Geneology course you are doing as I have wanted to for a while but am not sure if I would have the time. Who are you doing it through?
    I have become a follower of your blog so I look forward to seeing more of your blog soon.

    • Hello Kerryn,
      I think you’re Kevin Crocketts sister? I met Kevin late last year and have been in contact with him since. Actually he lives not too far from me, as I’m in Bendigo. I remember Blanche very well. When I was young she came to visit my grandmother quite often. I think she was probably visiting her parents. My grandmother also taught me to knit. Many happy memories there.
      At the moment I’m working on the Waters Family Book, but it’s a work in progress and will be a long time before it’s finished, as I work full time. Just doing what I can, when I can for now.
      Where do you live? It would be lovely to catch up with you if you’re close by.

      • Kerryn Riley permalink

        Hi Jennifer,
        I am Kevin’s cousin. I am the eldest daughter of Blanche’s youngest son Peter. I have been trying to catch up with Kevin for about a year now but something always comes up. I work full time also so it can be difficult. I was going to during these school holidays but hopefully next. I have been doing some Waters research over the past few weeks. So far I have found out that Grandma lost at least four cousins in WW1,two being from one family?
        Hoping to find out more soon, love reading your blog,

  2. What an unusual given name. Does it have family significance? I would like to hear more about Farquhar as it sound like he had an interesting life.

    • Farquhar appeared in a few earlier generations. Yes it’s quite unusual. Will be more blogging coming about this family. Thanks for your interest Sharon

  3. It would be hard to imagine what an emigrant ancestor went through, leaving their life and family to come to Australia, and particularly so early. Leaving a beautiful place in Scotland to come to Australia, would have been a major culture shock. And Australia as we know it today owes so much to these early emigrants. And I love your great grandfather’s name ‘Farquhar’. It’s so much better than another William, or Samuel.

    • I just cannot imagine what it must have been like to leave Scotland, not really knowing what was at the other end of the journey. More coming on that in the Leter H post

  4. Jennifer I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and I’ve nominated you for this award.

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