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Inside History – 50 Best Blogs List

May 9, 2012

As I mentioned here I  really love Inside History magazine.  Because I live in the country my subscription issue usually arrives a few days after it’s release. I’m usually getting impatient for it, after my twitter friends start tweeting about the content. I was really hoping that Issue 10 would arrive in the mail today, for no reason, other than to look at the beautiful photos as well as read the varied articles. The cover photo is always a highlight.

But my reasons for looking forward to checking the mail changed when I read  Western District Families Blog.  Merron  mentioned there, that Jill Ball  had compiled a list of  50 Best Blogs To Follow in Inside History and she was understandably excited to see that her blog was on the list. But the big surprise to me was to read her comment that this blog has also been included as a best blog to follow. I’m still very surprised to have been included but feel deeply honoured to be mentioned alongside what I consider to be  amazing genealogy and family history blogs. I wasn’t at all surprised to see a few other blogs that I enjoy following were listed.

Congratulations to all bloggers who made the list. I’m looking forward to checking out some of the blogs there that I haven’t read yet.

So far I’ve just had time for a quick flick through the magazine, but my first impression is that this issue looks to be the best yet. I’m most looking forward to reading an article about The Salvation Army written by Barry Gittins. There are quite a few links to The Salvation Army in both maternal and paternal branches of my family. I have used their fantastic Archive Service many times.

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  1. Dear Jennifer – Me too! Me too! I received my issue yesterday in the post and left it as a treat to read before going to sleep and just about jumped out of bed when I saw my blog in the list. What an honour indeed. Very exciting. Now wracked with guilt that I haven’t blogged for a while. I finished my last assignment for this semester yesterday so no more excuses now! I am very interested to read about the fabulous Salvos too. And like you look forward to checking out all the other blogs. Congratulations to you and happy blogging !

    • Your listing is very well deserved, and I can understand your excitement. I’m also looking forward to checking out the other listings on the weekend.

      • There is some amazing work and brilliant blogging being done online. Thanks to you both for being part of that and our list. Now get blogging Alex 😉 We loved working with the Salvos, they’re a great team and have such a long history of helping families.

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