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Time to start writing my book

January 19, 2012

This book arrived in the mail today. Titled: The MacPhersons – From Skye to Victoria by Terry Mann, December 2011

The MCPHERSON family is part of my maternal family history – ANN MCPHERSON married my Great Great Grandfather FARQUHAR FRANCIS MORRISON, in 1866 at Heathcote.

The book was only released in the past week, so I had it hot off the press. I just couldn’t wait to get into it, with no interruptions, to soak up all the information I could on the family.

The book didn’t disappoint. Terry has done a huge amount of research which is presented in a very clear and easy to read style. I have very few photos of this family, so I really did enjoy  looking at the photos in the book.  Terri’s charts are also simple and easy to understand. It’s my opinion that simplicity and easy to read information are important in a family history book, as often the reader will have no interest in family history.  All that information and important dates that we family historians gather over our lifetimes, can often make our relatives heads spin.   Fortunately, Terri has managed to present her information clearly, without skimping on the information given. I congratulate her on completing her family history after many years of research. I’m sure she’s feeling a great sense of satisfaction and completion.

So now the fire has been lit in me to record my family history in a book, before the information is lost forever.  It has been on my mind for a while to get the book on the WATERS family started, but I have been waiting until the research was complete  and the information was collated perfectly. Of course this is never going to happen. I have also been waiting until I become a better writer.  My intention in starting this blog was to practice my writing with the goal of seeing enough improvement to write the book. Probably some years down the track.

With these thoughts spinning around in my head today,  a blog post from Lynn Palermo: The Armchair Genealogist  really piqued my interest. Her topic was Take The Challenge – Write Your Family History in 29 Days

                             Lynn writes:” Life can get in the way of some of the best laid plans. Too often, we have very good intentions but somehow we never quite get it done, and often we are overwhelmed that we never even start.   The Family History Writing Challenge is an opportunity for all genealogists, to set some valuable time aside for the next 29 days and commit to writing their family history stories. No more excuses.”

I’m sure Lynn was talking to me, and coincidentally, at a time when I needed to hear her advice.  I have procrastinating for years so have decided to take this challenge. Lynn asks anyone taking the challenge to commit to writing a certain number of words every day in February.

I am committing to writing 500 words every one of the 29 days in February.

This will mean that by the end of February, I will have written 14,500 words. A pretty good start, I’d say, and hopefully then I will be off and running.

Between now and the start of the challenge on February 1, I will be getting organised and collating my research and identifying the gaps that need to be filled. Also will spend some time on the weekends visiting the areas where the family lived. Luckily those areas are quite close to where I live, so won’t be too time consuming.

I know that there are other researchers of the WATERS family and family members who read and follow this blog, so I would really appreciate any family stories  or photos that could be  included. Please contact me with any questions.

  1. Thanks for posting about writing up the family history. This is just the push I need to work all of those slips of paper into something cohesive. I’ve registered but will only attempt 250 words…I’m not as brave as some…

    • Looking forward to hearing how you go with the writing challenge. I forgot to mention in the post that my plan is to make sure it’s fun too

  2. Welcome to the challenge, looking forward to an exciting month.

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