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Very Overdue Unlock The Past Cruise Wrap

December 9, 2011

Anyone following this little blog would have noticed that I stopped blogging about the History and Genealogy Cruise  cruise about halfway through.

No I wasn’t getting lazy, spending my days relaxing on one of the many deck chairs, nor was I not enjoying it, or maybe you’re thinking there was nothing worth reporting.

It’s an emphatic no to all of the above. I never had time to sit in a deck chair even once, I did enjoy it very much and the many genealogical seminars  I attended were very informative, and definitely worth reporting.

But it seems that I have a stalker who is checking my every move and hassling me through my blog. I know who it is, and am not at all concerned, but it was such a pain to be bombarded with emails on the ship, every time I posted a new blog entry.  Internet was very patchy and I just didn’t have the time to deal with it, so decided to give the blog a rest until getting home to reliable service.  I am getting legal advice about this at the moment, so no need for anyone to be worried.

But since arriving home, I’ve been in catch up mode, so inevitably the blog was put to the side.Now it’s time to wrap it up, so that posting on a different topic can continue.

Just a very, very quick wrap up of the cruise:


1.     Definitely two gorgeous new special friends I’ve made. Val, my cabin buddy was good fun and we seemed to be perfectly matched. Sue, started out as my gym buddy but we soon became good friends and by the end of the cruise, felt like we’d known each other forever.  Both of these gorgeous girls were fantastic fun to be with and the cruise would have been much less fun without them. We had many, many laughs and will be lifelong friends.

2.     The highlight for me, of dozens of seminars was Chris Paton   , an Irish born genealogist from Scotland who is an authority on Scottish and Irish history and research.  I learnt so much from Chris and am really looking forward to some free time over Christmas to put his advice into practice.

3. New Zealand which I knew was beautiful, but could never have imagined how beautiful. When we were in port, I spent the days walking. This was a definite highlight.

The attitude and friendliness of the staff and crew on the ship left me speechless. In every area of the ship the staff were there willing to offer continuous service with a smile. And what smiles they had. Thinking of them now, makes me smile. I will never forget them.

  1. Sue permalink

    thank you for your kind words, I agree that making 2 new wonderful friends was definitely the highlight! yes, the lectures have provided much fodder for extra research, but nothing beats making new lifelong friends!

  2. I’m glad you had such a great time. What nationalities were the lovely people who looked after you in the cabin, dining areas etc?

    • Judy thanks for reminding me. I had meant to post more about the crew but was rushing. They were predominantly male and Indonesian. It was a pleasure to watch them going about their work and smiling constantly. They really seemed to enjoy serving and interacting with the passengers.

  3. Glad you found the lectures of use Jennifer – hope they help with your research!

    Best of luck with your research,


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