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New Zealand Update

November 27, 2011

On Thursday we spent the day in the picturesque town of Napier. Due to an earthquake in the town in the 1930s that killed about 250 people, the town was rebuilt in the style of art-deco. These buildings are all still in perfect condition and perfectly painted, giving the town the feel of the 1930s. Local dressed in clothing of the period and driving old restored cars made me feel that I had stepped back in time to the roaring 20s and 30s. Really I felt as though I’d walked onto the set of The Great Gatsby.
We pulled out of port at 8pm and sailed on to Wellington where we disembarked at about 2pm. The intention was to walk 25k around the bay with my gym buddy Sue. Well, I now know why Wellington is known as the windy city. The wind was stronger than anything I had ever experienced. We ended up walking 3 1/2 hours with about 2 hours into the wind. Felt like we were doing 2 steps forward and 1 step back.
Yesterday we docked at Picton for the day and I did a fantastic 4 hour walk around the cliff face. The walking was great but the vertigo got to me a bit when I looked at the drop below.
Today we are at Akaroa. Having a lazy day reading for a change. Tonight we have formal night so will have to get the glad rags on for dinner.
So far I’m loving both the cruise and the seminars.

Discover Scottish church records -Chris Paton
Key Irish documents – Richard Reid
Tracing military ancestors – Shauna Hicks
Are you making the most of Trove – Shauna Hicks
Irish emigrant journey to 19th century Australia -Richard Reid
Behind bars: convicts and criminals – Shauna Hicks
Discover Scottish land records- Chris Paton

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