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Genealogists for Families

November 13, 2011

Time for an update on the  Genealogists for Families project which I posted about recently. We now have 78 team members from all around the world, who I am very proud to say, have made 112 loans.  For those who didn’t see the previous post,  Judy Webster, a genealogist from Queensland has formed a team of genealogists and their friends and families to help families in low income areas to earn an income,  by making small loans of $25.00 We are doing this through the non profit platform of  Kiva and we are able to choose who we wish to support and make a loan to.

My first loan was made to Narcisa from Peru who needed the loan to buy corn. Her loan is now fully funded, which allows her to buy a bulk amount of corn to increase her business.

My next loan was made to Nathalie from Togo who needed the loan to buy ingredients to prepare the juices she sells at her market juice stall. I’m ashamed to say that I had no idea where Togo  was, but after a quick look at Google Maps I found it is in Africa, bordered by Ghana. Nathalie’s loan is also now fully funded.

I’m very excited that both my borrowers have had their loans fully funded and are now able to continue to operate and grow their businesses, as they try to make a better life for themselves and their families. When these loans are repaid to me, I intend to use the money to make further loans.

Our team motto is: We care about families, past present and future.  We would love you to join our team, as the more members we have, the more families we can help. You do not need to be a genealogist to be on our team.

Find out more about our team  Genealogists for Families and this project to make a better life for families around the world

  1. Thanks for writing about the project again, Jen. Our team is growing rapidly, with more than a dozen new members since we were mentioned in the latest LostCousins newsletter. Our first New Zealand member just joined, which brings the total (when I checked a short time ago) to 82 members in 9 countries who have made loans to 117 individuals or groups.

    Like you, I knew nothing about Togo, but I used a different approach to educate myself. On Kiva’s page for the borrower you mentioned, I scrolled down to ‘About the Country’ and (below the map) clicked on the word ‘Togo’ beside the flag. That link takes you to ‘Country Fast Facts’, which are well worth a look. I would encourage everyone to do this to learn more about the people they are helping.

    • Thanks for the tip Judy. Will check out “About the Country” on the Kiva site tonight. I’d love to learn more about the places where my borrowers are running their businesses.

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