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My GG Grandparents John Taylor and Martha Lloyd

August 7, 2011

John Taylor and Martha Lloyd were married in Parish of St. Thomas, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales on 25 August 1839. At the time of their marriage John, age 23, was employed as a servant at Sealyham’s at the Parish of St. Dogwells.  This is where the Sealyham terrier was developed and bred in the 1800’s. The Sealyham Mansion still stands and is now used as an Outdoor Education Centre.

Sealyham Mansion

At the time of her marriage Martha Lloyd age 24, was employed as a servant at Hermon’s Hill, Parish of St. Thomas. Hermon’s Hill now operates as a B&B. I’m very much looking forward to visiting both of these historic houses when I make my much planned research trip, hopefully not too far into the distant future.

Hermon's Hill House

John and Martha left Wales to make a new life in Victoria, Australia in 1841. Their first two boys James and John were born in Wales. The Census of 1841 has them living at City Road Haverfordwest.  This part of City Road, consisting of these small cottages was once known as Cemetary Row, due to the St. Martin’s  cemetary being nearby.

City Road Haverfordwest

I have found little information about John Taylor’s parents – John Taylor and Mary Davies. All I know about John Snr is that he died before 1841. John’s mother Mary died on 27  October 1841 at 11 Barn Street, Parish of St. Martin. At the time of her death she was a widow.

View of Barn Street today

After their arrival in Australia John and Martha settled at Diamond Hill and went on to have a further 10 children. From Diamond Creek they moved on to Whittlesea. As adults most of the children lived in the Bundalong and Yarrawonga area.  The children of this large family went on to also have large families. In most cases, in every generation until recent times, the boys were given Lloyd as a second name.

John Taylor died at Whittlesea on 19 February 1881 and is buried at Yan Yean cemetary. After the death of her husband,  Martha went to live at Bundalong with one of her boys, possibly her second son John, who never married. Martha Taylor died on 01 October 1891 at Bundalong and is buried at Yarrawonga cemetary.

John Taylor and Martha Lloyd are my Great Grandparents. Their son William is my Great Grandfather, and William’s daughter Emily is my Grandmother.

  1. Great reading. William’s brother Charles is my G-Grandfather, son Fred is my Grandfather, son Lloyd is my father. Dad has done quite a bit the family but misses out by not learning the computer. Will show him what you have written and he will be very interested. Would love to have a yarn. Regards: Allan Lloyd Taylor

    • Fantastic to hear from you Allan. I was contacted a few years ago by a Lloyd Taylor who lives in Bendigo. Unfortunately I lost his contact details when I moved and have been trying to trace him ever since. Would he by any chance be your Dad. If so I would love to make contAct with him again.

  2. Errol Taylor permalink

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am a great, great grandson of Henry Lloyd Taylor, one of John and Martha’s sons. Thanks so much for the info and pics. I have quite a bit of info regarding this branch with copies of birth, marriage and death certs for members of this line if interested. Please email me to discuss.
    Errol Taylor.

  3. Maxine White permalink

    Hi All !
    My Grandfather was Arthur Lloyd-Taylor who married Emily.
    They had 10 children.
    My father Earle Murray had a twin brother named Maxwell Noel.
    They were the last two children born.
    I also have a twin brother named Murray, after my Dad.
    I’m named after my uncle, Maxine.
    I have been trying to gather information about Athurs war years as well as my Dads & Uncle Max.
    The twins were Naval Beach Commandos, & most of the files have been secret, which is frustrating ! Anyway, I’d love to make contact, because obviously we are related.
    Hope to hear from you all !
    With regards
    Maxine White

    • Great to hear from you Maxine and I would love to have a chat with you. Where do you live? I am near Bendigo. If you could email me your phone number I could call. Bit I am moving for the next few days so would be after that

  4. Susan Smith permalink

    Very interested to read this. We’re not related but I lived in Hermon’s Hill House in the 1970s then moved to within a mile or so of Sealyham. Wonder how your Martha and John met.

    • Susan it’s really great to hear from you. Are you still living in the Sealyham area? I’m not sure how John and Martha met. At the time of their marriage, Martha was a servant at Hermon’s Hill House and John was a servant at St. Dogwell’s Sealyham. Very interested that you lived in Hermon’s Hill house. I’m fairly sure it’s still standing and would love to visit one day.

      • Susan permalink

        Hi Jennifer, Thanks for responding. I’m no longer in Wales but a couple of years ago I was in Haverfordwest for a funeral and decided to go to have a look at Hermon’s Hill. Turns out it is now a holiday home (bigger than the average unit!) and the occupants very kindly invited me in for a look around. Apart from obvious decoration it had not really changed since our time and I imagine the layout is much as it would have been in Martha’s time. My playroom was under the eaves and this would have been where Martha would have slept if she lived in. The house has quite a pedigree – it was designed by John Nash who also designed Buckingham Palace. I knew someone at school whose father had grown up in the House and it was quite well known to be haunted and, even though I don’t believe in ghosts, I wouldn’t argue with that local knowledge.

        Sealyham was an altogether grander house but as it was in the country rather than the town that is not wholly surprising. It sits in a dip a couple of miles off the A40 Haverfordwest-Fishguard road which even in the C18 was a main route to London. In 1797 the last military invasion of the UK happened at Fishguard – it was repulsed by the concerted efforts of the local fishwives!

        Anyway, best wishes from Italy and best of luck with your family tracing, Ciao Susan

        • Thankyou so much for that info Susan. If I get to visitHaverfordwest Hermons Hill will be my first choice for accom. I will do some research on Sealyham as I’d liketofind outmore. I have an old photo of some older Welsh Women and they look very grim and scary. Doesn’t surprise me at all to hear that they held off the military. Has to be a great story there. Thanks so much again for yourinterst and info. Jen

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